Todo list and ideas



Although Patent2Net is fully operational, works fine and is enough to begin using Patent Information, a lot can be done to improve analysis:

  • Correct the issues (continuous process, of course)
  • Add some more information in the result html page (ModeleContenuIndex.html). Great to add the treating date (thus can be different from gathering) and P2N version
  • As information analysis do not allways represent the whole Patent Universe (i.e. french abstrat) provide the proportion of P.U. concerned by each analysis
  • Treat Designated State(s) information for EP and WO patentes to complete the attractivity maps
  • Improve the Mindmap option to get it more efficient for creativity (Celso is working on)
  • Build the entire network as a gephi file for download to let new combined network analysis possible
  • Use the list of standardised applicant names from EPO to normalize nets and tables. See: [CSV datafile] (

New capabilities

Add some new capabilities to Patent2Net, i.e.:

  • Within the Patent Universe, build a drawings gallery with hyperlink to the Espacenet patent (Andre is working on)
  • Within the Familly Patent Universe, provide all the same analysis as with the Patent Universe (Roberto is working on)
  • Include the treatment of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) with the proportion of P.U. concerned (
  • Build a small database to display results of a specific (Familly) Patent Universe. Database could be [PouchDB] ( or equivalent

New ways for gathering and analysis

Provide some new ways of gathering and analysis of patent information, i.e.:

  • Within the Familly Patent Universe, provide a new range of analysis, considering a familly as a unique entity (invention)
  • Limit the Familly Patent Universe to the only Priority patents, and provide a complete analysis
  • Using citations of the Familly Patent Universe, provide genealogic analysis, especially descendants to try to detect invention fronts.
  • Gather research reports when avalaible and provide analysis chains

New contributions and ideas are always welcome.


Version 3.0.0


  • [x] Introduce and stabilize new data model and ad-hoc mode
  • [x] Write about “jq”
  • [x] Remove attr_object_as_dict in favor of attr.as_dict
  • [x] Resolve doc.designated_states vs. doc.register.designated_states duplication by providing a dotted name resolver for nested objects
  • [x] Refactor and to p2n.formatter namespace
  • [x] “p2n adhoc dump –format=raw” mode
  • [x] Display OPS error message when running invalid queries like “p2n adhoc dump –expression=’pa=grohe and py=2015’”


  • [o] OPS Register: Always sort event-like data in ascending order?
    Right now, sort order is mixed as of “history items” vs. “actions” vs. “{publication,application}_reference”.
  • [o] Write documentation about data model
  • [o] Complete implementation of Patent2NetBrevet.from_ops_exchange_document re. citations, equivalents and more
  • [o] Complete implementation of OPSRegisterDocument
  • [o] Install Webhook on GitHub for automatic documentation building
  • [o] Upload pre-release versions to PyPI
  • [o] Currently, python-epo-ops-client requires to be online because it always attempts to authenticate.
    Could this be deferred to the actual first remote access to be able to work completely offline with a prewarmed cache?
  • [o] Caching improvements
    • [o] Increase dogpile cache duration to one year
    • [o] Provide api/command to clear the cache
    • [o] More fine-grained cache ttl control
  • [o] Use pyjq for providing built-in filtering, with raw or even named filters.
  • [o] Should we compute “register.designated_states - register.countries_lapsed” to determine the actual
    list of countries the patent is still valid in?