Patent2Net CHANGES


2018-03-20 3.0.0-dev6

  • Make p2n adhoc dump output results either in “OpsExchangeDocument” or “Patent2NetBrevet” format
  • Make p2n adhoc list output arbitrary fields of “OpsExchangeDocument” (projection)
  • Improve documentation regarding CQL query language and updated command line parameters
  • Introduce ad-hoc mode for generating JSON data suitable for feeding into PivotTable.js with Patent2NetBrevet data model
  • Fix p2n adhoc dump with --with-register
  • Improve decoding raw JSON data into “OpsExchangeDocument” object instances
  • Improve documentation
  • Remove custom helper “attr_object_as_dict” in favor of vanilla “attr.asdict”
  • Remove redundant “designated_states” field by using dotted name resolver for accessing “register.designated_states” when generating worldmap data
  • Add support for PivotTable data generation in ad-hoc mode with “OPSExchangeDocument” data model
  • Refactor and to “p2n.formatter” namespace
  • Improve decoding of “OPSRegisterDocument”
  • Improve error logging when decoding register information
  • Decode historical data from register information
  • Allow dotted attribute/field access for p2n adhoc list
  • Add advanced example about using jq to filter and reformat register information with p2n adhoc dump
  • Add convenience command p2n images for image data acquisition
  • Properly display OPS error responses to the user, e.g. when submitting an invalid expression like --expression='foo=bar'
  • Add command p2n adhoc search for displaying search results only in raw OPS format
  • Complete the data model for OPS Exchange Document
  • Improve
    • Add link to general template, fix and add context info for images
    • Image fusion
    • Improve layout/pagination for patent images gallery
    • Fix output thumbs
    • Add page size handler
  • Improve gracefulness for and, see also #23.
  • Fix p2n --version output, addressing #23. Thanks, @smorvan!

2017-12-01 3.0.0-dev5

  • Attempt to add missing NameCountryMap.csv by providing file

2017-12-01 3.0.0-dev4

  • Fix

2017-12-01 3.0.0-dev3

  • Improve logging and error handling for register data acquisition

2017-12-01 3.0.0-dev2

  • Add crawling behavior to new data acquisition subsystem to collect all results from OPS published data search
  • Start project documentation based on Sphinx
  • Improve documentation layout and move towards reStructuredText

2017-11-30 3.0.0-dev1

  • Minor fixes re. argument processing
  • Improve robustness re. case-sensitivity at map resource acquisition (countries.json)
  • Add, convenience step runner and documentation
  • Refactor scripts “” and “”
  • Use utility function for accessing cles-epo.txt
  • Upgrade to python-epo-ops-client==2.3.1, fixing access to OPS API 3.2
  • Make p2n.maps.d3plus_data obtain single field attribute
  • Memoize outcome of p2n.maps.read_name_country_map
  • Introduce ad-hoc mode
  • Worldmap generation in ad-hoc mode is now based on OPSExchangeDocument data model
  • Enrich OPS bibliographic data by register information
  • Add worldmap generation for designated states in ad-hoc mode
  • Add automatic release task

2016-11-01 2.0.0

  • Release Patent2Net 2.0.0

2014-10-30 1.0.0

  • Future development will add scenaris of analysis (one scenary, one network e.G authors, applicants etc. to avoid the need of Gephi expert’s skills)
  • revisiting weight nodes on networks
  • check abstracts gathering (seems lack of content)
  • complete content gathering
  • clean unused function and code everywhere ^_^

2014-03-04 0.9.0

  • OpsGather-PatentList

    • Accept an Espacenet “smart search” query
  • PatentsToNet

    • Fully connected graph is provided in Gephi, connecting any relation (intra and Inter field) : filtering can be done in Gephi or hacking in the Python script.

    • International Patent Classification is treated to be “truncated” at level 1,3,4,7. nodes for each level are created

    • Countries from Patent numbers (first deposit?) are considered as nodes

    • Kind codes (status) are separated as nodes

    • URL links as node attribute in gexf

      • for patent number : link to espacenet
      • for International Patent Classification IPC at level 1,3,4 : link to IPC database (French and English)
    • Dynamic graph are available over first available date (column “deb” and “fin” as to be merged as timeline for nodes and edges in data laboratoty in Gephi)

    • Directed graph is build complete in bidirection mode: Inventor-Inventor; IPC-IPC; Applicant-Applicant, and all combinations

    • Weight of nodes are provided as….

    • Weight among time are provided for node as …

    • Weight of edges are provided as ….

2014-03-15 0.0.0

  • Start public development