• [mw] Fix dependencies for Python 2 compatibility
  • [mw] Update dependencies to resolve security warnings
  • [ui] Update dependencies to resolve security warnings
  • [ui] Fix dependencies to resolve build problems
  • [ui] Update dependencies to satisfy yarn audit
  • [mw] Improve sandbox setup
  • [ui] Fix dependencies: Downgrade to jQuery 3.4.1
  • [ui] EPO/OPS: Support CPCI classifications
  • [ui] Fix dependencies: Upgrade Moment.js and Async
  • [ci] Add CI/GHA configuration
  • [ui] Update a few JavaScript dependencies
  • [qa] Switch test framework from nose to pytest
  • [qa] Improve Python test harness
  • [mw] Fix getting PDF documents and drawings from USPTO. Thanks, @aghster!
  • [qa] Add software test infrastructure for data acquisition subsystems
  • [qa] Add tests covering the acquisition of USPTO PDF documents and drawings
  • [mw] Refactor the bootloader subsystem
  • [qa] Add tests for EPO OPS data source
  • [ui] Fix data source logo
  • [ui] Improve loading behaviour for vendor data source logos
  • [mw] EPO/OPS: Update list of full text authorities. Thanks, @epo and @aghster!
  • [mw] Fix JSON Web Token adapter for generating shareable links
  • [mw] Improve reading lists of document numbers from text files
  • [mw] Fix acquisition of claims and description for DE and US documents
  • [mw] Improve gracefulness when decoding document numbers
  • [mw] Improve parameter validation in authentication handler
  • [mw] Honour fulltext_enabled setting of data source
  • [mw] Disable acquisition of PDF documents from DPMA/DEPATISconnect
  • [mw] EPO/OPS: Unlock inquiry of image information for documents without kind code
  • [mw] EPO/Espacenet: Repair access layer. Thanks, @aghster!
  • [ui] EPO/Espacenet: Repair “external sources” links
  • [mw] EPO/Espacenet: Acquire “abstract” text
  • [mw] EPO/Espacenet: Make access layer production ready
  • [mw] EPO/Espacenet: Acquire “abstract” text from OPS API
  • [ui] Adjust JavaScript dependencies for bootbox
  • [infra] Don’t use designated port 9999 to avoid confusion
  • [infra] Rework the Docker setup
  • [doc] Various documentation updates across the board
  • [doc] Fix building the documentation
  • [mw] Fix logging. Thanks, @think-nice-things!
  • [cli] Start using the Click command line parser
  • [mw] Improve “minimal” application framework bootstrapping
  • [mw] Add CLI interface for basic operations on EPO/OPS
  • [mw] Fix access to DPMAregister due to upstream changes
  • [mw] Add CLI interface for search operation on IFI CLAIMS
  • [mw] Fix access to USPTO documents using USPTO PPUBS, PatFT and AppFT are deprecated
  • [mw] Generalize image format conversion
  • [mw] Update Beaker, openpyxl, Mako, and pyramid-mako
  • [ui] Update loader-utils
  • [mw] Switch from appdirs to platformdirs
  • [mw] Update a few more dependencies across the board
  • [ui] Fix build by upgrading to underscore-template-loader 1.2.0
  • [mw] Fix access to DEPATISnet due to upstream changes
  • [qa] Speed up testing using pytest-xdist
  • [mw] Improve caching configuration for patzilla.access.dpma.dpmaregister
  • [mw] Fix access to DPMA DEPATISnet

2019-11-01 0.169.3

  • Fixes and improvements for building and installation procedure

2019-11-01 0.169.2

2019-09-19 0.169.1

  • [mw] Improve API URI handling for upstream data source

  • [mw] Fix ops_family_inpadoc service

  • [ui] Fix close_checkbox function (#21). Thanks, Vasily!

  • [ui] Update Backbone and Marionette to a bit newer version (#20). Thanks Andrii!
    • Backbone 1.0.0 -> 1.1.2
    • backbone.marionette 1.1.0 -> 1.8.8

    A little workaround with aliases.

2019-06-06 0.168.1

  • [ui] Add missing tsconfig.json. Thanks, Andrii.
  • [ui] Bump material-ui versions

2019-05-29 0.168.0

  • [mw] Prevent wrong data format slipping through from data source
  • [ui] Attempt to mitigate by upgrading to most recent release
  • [ui] Offer multiple languages when displaying fulltext content
  • [ui] Honor vendor-based data source preference
  • [ui] Optionally expand maximum share time to five years
  • [ui] Fix preferred data source selector
  • [ui] Improve multi-language fulltext display
  • [ui] Introduce TypeScript and Material-UI
  • [ui] Add fullscreen dialog based on Material-UI

2019-05-15 0.167.2

  • [ui] Fix snackbar actionHandler

2019-05-15 0.167.1

  • [ui] Tune minimum visibility duration of snackbar
  • [ui] Filter dangling BasketEntry items. Thanks, Andreas.

2019-05-14 0.167.0

  • [ui] Improve input string sanitation
  • [ui] Project import/export
  • [ui] Improve snackbar
  • [ui] Improve project chooser layout

2019-05-13 0.166.2

  • [ui] Improve “Fix export with non-ascii characters accidentally slipped into patent numbers”
  • [mw] Fix per-vendor settings for OPS credentials

2019-05-13 0.166.1

  • [mw] Fix missing dependency

2019-05-13 0.166.0

  • [ui] Upgrade to jQuery 3.4.1
  • [ui] Add “clean-webpack-plugin” to cleanup the assets folder before building
  • [mw] Improve settings for having per-vendor OPS credentials
  • [ui] More flexbox for header layout
  • [ui] Improve comment editing usability

2019-05-08 0.165.0

  • Fix broken “nasa-public-domain” demo link. Thanks, Andrii!
  • Adjust DEPATISnet data source adapter to upstream changes. Thanks, Gaby!
  • Fix export with non-ascii characters accidentally slipped into patent numbers. Thanks, Andreas!
  • Improve styling capabilities
  • Remove defunct upstream database
  • Add patview to the list of accepted patentview subdomains

2019-03-09 0.164.1

  • Fix/improve Makefile and inline doctests
  • Fix DPMAregister data source

2019-03-05 0.164.0

  • [doc] Update documentation
  • [mw] Allow access to /ping endpoint
  • [mw] Fix minor regression
  • [mw] Fix tests
  • [mw] Resolve issue when European publication server returns reference to WIPO as HTML response instead of PDF document
  • [mw] Pad document numbers for granted patents to 8 digits with leading zeros when accessing USPTO for PDF documents
  • [mw] Try USPTO servers before DPMA servers when accessing PDF documents
  • [mw] Deduplicate results with “family member by priority” feature

2019-02-21 0.163.0

  • [mw] Use EPO publication server for obtaining PDFs of EP publications (#12). Thanks, Felix!
  • [mw] Use USPTO publication servers for obtaining PDFs of US documents
  • [mw] Improve generic PDF data source
  • [mw] Fix “Family member by priority” functionality

2019-02-14 0.162.2

  • [ui] Fix opening keyword editor

2019-02-14 0.162.1

  • [ui] Fix feature flag evaluation
  • [ui] Tune snackbar position, padding and colors based on ambient

2019-02-13 0.162.0

  • [ui] Gradually ramping up ES6
  • [ui] Notify users by MDC Snackbar, ditch NotificationFx
  • [ui] Compute effective full text data source by honoring its definition order. Thanks, Felix!
  • [ui] Add Material Design Icons
  • [ui] Improve MDC dependency chain
  • [ui] Improve stack subsystem
  • [env] Improve Docker setup. Thanks, Felix!
  • [mw] Minor fix re. query expression parsing
  • [env] Add notes about troubleshooting sandbox installation problems
  • [env] Add basic Vagrantfile
  • [ui] Adapt to renaming the font-awesome package dependency
  • [mw] Switch to python-epo-ops-client for accessing OPS. Thanks Martin for reporting this glitch and thanks George for conceiving this fine Python package.
  • [ui] Add link to New Espacenet, see #4. Thanks, Felix!
  • [ui] Attempt to mitigate “TypeError: t is null” notifications from production
  • [ui] Fix crawler dialog
  • [ui] Fix export dialog
  • [mw] Trim verboseness when not having DEPATISconnect enabled
  • [mw] Fix and improve data export

2018-11-26 0.161.1

  • [ui] Add missing get_unique_key method on GenericExchangeDocument placeholder items

2018-11-26 0.161.0

  • [ui] Make IssueReporter work on dev and prod equally good
  • [ui] Improve Stack subsystem mechanics
  • [ui] Improve logging and debugging
  • [ui] Add ApplicationProfile subsystem
  • [ui] Improve Stack subsystem data model
  • [ui] Improve jQuery3 compatibility
  • [ui] Improve INID code labels, refactoring
  • [ui] Add display flavour with verbose INID code labels
  • [ui] Add a few Material Design Components
  • [ui] Add Stack opener button

2018-11-23 0.160.0

  • [ui] Bump wording
  • [ui] Fix conditional menu item display
  • [ui] Improve design and positioning of menu opener
  • [ui] Refactor main application CSS
  • [ui,mw] Refactor vendor-specific feature flags
  • [ui] Redesign document header with CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout
  • [ui] Fix inline linking to application document with DOCDB number
  • [ui] Fix hotkey event handling
  • [ui] Link to CCD version 2.1.8
  • [ui] Add action for expanding comment panels of all documents
  • [ui] Introduce Stack subsystem

2018-11-20 0.159.0

  • [ui] Fix comfort form zoom text width
  • [ui] Fix z-index for sticky header
  • [ui] Improve comfort form layout details
  • [ui] Improve project and basket controls layout
  • [ui] Improve pagination widget layout
  • [ui] Enable menu in wide header again
  • [ui] Improve query action buttons layout
  • [ui] Fix wrapping of document action buttons
  • [ui] Adjust user notification message box position for wide header
  • [ui] Add custom data sources
  • [ui] Improve theming for search action button
  • [ui] Add stub for custom export variant

2018-11-16 0.158.0

  • [ui] Improve responsiveness of query builder and its widgets

2018-11-15 0.157.0

  • [ui] Add grid content variant

2018-11-14 0.156.1

  • [ui] Fix header layout

2018-11-14 0.156.0

  • [ui] Add wide header variant

2018-10-24 0.155.1

  • [ui] Fix regression re. query-link propagation when following cited documents

2018-10-13 0.155.0

  • [mw] Improve DEPAROM query expression syntax handling
  • [ui] Simplify header layout by using CSS Flexbox

2018-10-12 0.154.0

  • [ui] Fix occasional cropped display of drawings
  • [ui] Prepare drawings loader for fetching new items when navigating to previous item
  • [ui] Reorder comfort form fields again
  • [ui] Nail Javascript module dependencies to exact versions
  • [mw] Fix error reporting and logging issues
  • [ui] Hide previous/next drawing navigation buttons when displaying a single drawing
  • [ui] Prevent out of bounds navigation to the previous drawing if there’s just one item in the collection

2018-10-08 0.153.0

  • [mw] Don’t run Ikofax expression through CQL parser
  • [ui] Fix error propagation
  • [ui] Signal search syntax in search history entry
  • [mw] Allow Ikofax syntax from URLs, e.g. ?datasource=depatisnet&query=ikofax:EP666666%2Fpn
  • [ui] Refactor syntax chooser data model
  • [ui] Properly propagate Ikofax mode to Liveview mode
  • [ui] Improve “Share this search” dialog
  • [ui] Disable dummy exception catcher introduced accidentally when migration to jQuery3
  • [ui] Fix rendering in quick access mode, e.g. /view/pn/EP0666666
  • [ui] Improve usability of “Share this search” and “Fetch result numbers” in the context of search results
  • [mw] Fix “List of publication numbers” with Ikofax searches
  • [ui] Reset search modifiers when recalling a search from history
  • [ui] Reset Ikofax mode when using comfort form again
  • [ui] Fix inline “query-link” mechanics
  • [ui] Improve dirty signalling for comfort form
  • [ui,mw] Add fields “application date” and “priority date” to comfort form
  • [ui] Improve querybuilder responsiveness
  • [mw] Improve date parsing for query expression translator
  • [ui] Better demo values for new comfort form fields “appdate” and “priodate”
  • [ui] Search by kindcode through comfort form at DEPATISnet

2018-09-28 0.152.0

  • Exclude .DS_Store files from the release tarball
  • [mw] Fix Umlaut issues with DEPATISnet. Thanks, Martin!
  • [mw] Strip DEPATISnet query expression before propagating to upstream. Thanks, Martin!
  • [mw] Grok error messages from erroneous DEPATISnet queries
  • [ui] Add new universal “start_search” method for kicking off a blank-slate search action
  • [ui] Run boot-time search after activating basket model
  • [ui] Limit query expression syntax chooser to DEPATISnet only
  • [ui] Adjust field name chooser for Ikofax syntax
  • [mw] Compute keywords from Ikofax expression (quick solution)

2018-09-26 0.151.0

  • Add status endpoints for monitoring upstream services

  • Honor tag “login:disabled” on authentication

  • Add multi-tenant email address and content configuration

  • [ui] Upgrade to webpack v4

  • [ui] Fix Javascript source maps

  • [ui] Upgrade to jQuery 3.3.1, modernizr 3.6.0, moment 2.22.1, select2 3.5.1, url-join 2.0.5 and waypoints 4.0.1

  • [ui] Use Babel loader for webpack

  • [doc] Improve installation documentation

  • [mw] Direct access to OPS 3.1 API has been disabled, so stop linking to it

  • [ui] Fix: When creating new project, convert project name to string

  • [mw] Improve DpmaRegisterAccess re. language selection

  • [mw] Improve image conversion by using the Pillow library

  • [mw] Improve downtime signalling for EPO OPS API

  • [mw] Improve report generation with unoconv

  • [license] Officially upgrade to EUPL 1.2

  • [ui] Improve full text display for IFI CLAIMS

  • [mw] Fix full text acquisition from Espacenet

  • [ui] jQuery 3.x upgrade aftermath:

    • Migration fixes
    • Upgrade packages bootbox, jq-pagination, jquery.viewport and stacktrace-js
    • Use clipboard.js instead of ZeroClipboard
  • [ui,mw] Refactor, improve and modularize data source adapter interfaces

  • [ui] Add timestamp to error report

  • [ui] Fix display of query builder sorting state

  • [mw] Reenable response caching for IFI CLAIMS API

  • [ui] Use “cheap-source-map” strategy with webpack to fix error handling with Chrome

  • [mw,ui] Add improved data source adapter for SIP again

  • [mw] Unlock DEPAROM Query Translator from MTC API

  • [mw] Fix development mode re. missing display of data source chooser

  • [ui,mw] Add basic Ikofax expression support for searching at DPMA DEPATISnet

  • [ui] Move logout link to the bottom of the menu

2018-03-17 0.150.0

  • Honor tag “email:invalid” for “list emails” endpoint
  • Improve location of general notification box
  • Improve user experience for “import database”

2018-03-16 0.149.0

  • Upgrade to MechanicalSoup 0.10.0. Thanks, Matthieu and Dan!
  • Improve whitelabel capabilities
  • Improve error response handling for IFI CLAIMS
  • Set default language for “dpmaregister” crawler to English
  • Improve confirm dialogs for database “wipe” and “import” actions
  • Improve whitespace handling at query expression translation time. Thanks, Luca!

2018-01-22 0.148.1

  • Fix DPMAregister crawler

2018-01-19 0.148.0

  • DPMAregister crawler: Use improvements from MechanicalSoup==1.0.0-dev. Thanks, Matthieu!
  • DPMAregister crawler: Acquisition of localized artefacts (language en vs. de)

2018-01-02 0.147.1

  • Fix decoding of DPMAregister “pct-or-regional-{publishing,filing}-data” for list representations

2018-01-02 0.147.0

  • Add HTTP interface to DPMAregister data

2017-12-19 0.146.0

  • Some updates to the DPMAregister access library. Thanks, Felix!

    • Get DPMA register URL for DE documents by calculating the checksum of the document number
    • Remove country code for DE Aktenzeichen inquiry
    • Change baseurl to use https
  • More updates to the DPMAregister access library.

    • Fix access by honoring throttling employed by DPMA
    • Refactor and improve library API and inline documentation
    • Provide new access methods fetch_st36xml and fetch_pdf
    • Switch scraper from “mechanize” to “MechanicalSoup”
    • Provide command line interface program dpmaregister
    • Introduce response caching with a TTL of 24 hours
    • Decode ST.36 XML documents to JSON
    • [ui] Fix direct link to DPMAregister
  • Upgrade to Moment.js 2.20.0 re. CVE-2016-4055

2017-11-16 0.145.0

  • [cmd] Add patzilla-user import command for importing users from CSV file, see also Import users.

2017-11-16 0.144.0

  • [cmd] Add patzilla-user add command for adding users to the database, see also Add user.

2017-11-15 0.143.2

  • [ui] Fix leaking of templateHelpers variables into model attributes
  • [ui] Fix export woes after switching between projects

2017-10-31 0.143.1

  • Documentation: Overall improvements and polishing

2017-10-31 0.143.0

  • Add console interface program patzilla
  • Add command patzilla make-config {development,production} for generating a configuration file template
  • Improve documentation

2017-10-31 0.142.5

  • Fix
  • Update fabfile and documentation regarding installation from PyPI

2017-10-31 0.142.4

  • Attempt to fix README
  • Make Makefile not commit itself when minifying urlcleaner.js

2017-10-31 0.142.3

  • Fix numberlist search in opaque parameter mode for patentview domains
  • Fix Makefile
  • Naming things
  • Add NASA public domain demo to README

2017-10-31 0.142.2

  • Improve release process, upload to PyPI

2017-10-31 0.142.1

  • Update documentation and infrastructure

2017-10-25 0.142.0

  • Add Sphinx documentation infrastructure and skeleton
  • Fix search metadata reset behavior
  • Activate IssueReporter email target again
  • Update IFI CLAIMS documentation
  • Fix dependencies in for compatibility between Mac OSX and Debian GNU/Linux
  • Backward compatibility for datasource identifier in user enablement settings
  • Fix error when opening export dialog after creating new project. Thanks, Benjamin!
  • Account for DEPATISnet responding with US application publication numbers with leading zeros after country code, e.g. US020170285092A1

2017-10-13 0.141.0

  • Enable display of “CPCNO” classifications

  • IFI CLAIMS fulltext fixes and improvements

    • Add proper escaping and newline replacement for description, e.g. KR20170103976A
    • Description sections “industrial-applicability” and “reference-signs-list” were missing, e.g. KR20170103976A
    • Update claims structure, e.g. JP2017128728A
    • Update “description-of-drawings” description section, e.g. JP2017128728A
    • Parse “chemistry” and other figref nodes in “” section, e.g. JP2017128728A
    • Description section “description-of-embodiments.embodiments-example” was missing, e.g. JP2017128728A

2017-10-12 0.140.2

  • Fix drilldown capabilities in liveview mode
  • Fix liveview mode when running on localhost
  • Fix pagesize chooser reset behavior

2017-10-12 0.140.1

  • Improve patentview domain handling
  • Update demo query just before expiration

2017-10-12 0.140.0

  • Improve command line access to data sources
  • Improve auxiliary tools selection for “convert” and “pdftk”
  • Fix multivendor “hostname_matches” selection
  • Fix User data model
  • Fix segfaults with lxml on Debian Wheezy (7.11)
  • Update production setup documentation

2017-10-12 0.139.7

  • Fix “result-count-total” formatting - once more

2017-10-12 0.139.6

  • Fix “result-count-total” formatting

2017-10-12 0.139.5

  • Attempt to fix “result-count-total” formatting
  • Bring tooling for production setup up to speed

2017-10-11 0.139.4

  • Fix: Number normalization for DE..T1 documents didn’t match expectations of OPS 3.2
  • Improve and harmonize command line access to data sources

2017-10-11 0.139.3

  • Fix typo in
  • Improve texts re. whitelabeling
  • Fix: Daterange “within” query stopped working after upgrade to OPS 3.2
  • Fix: Paging stopped working in review mode

2017-10-11 0.139.2

  • Fix citations display problem for document US9674560B1
  • Slightly improve NPL citations display

2017-10-11 0.139.1

  • Add utility routine for purging seen numbers to database tool
  • Fix database wipe confirm dialog
  • Project delete should account for child BasketEntry entities

2017-10-11 0.139.0

  • Get rid of more static html templates and refactor to javascript application
  • Fix image loading for jQuery Raty
  • Harmonize help subsystem
  • Reconfigure navigator url and main application entrypoints
  • Fix “user create” widget
  • Use vanilla or slightly patched components from upstream: jqPagination, KeyBoarder, notificationFx, jquery-hotkeys, lz-string

2017-10-09 0.138.0

  • Update configuration file templates re. vendoring

  • Load HTML templates using webpack’s “underscore-template-loader”

  • Large Javascript refactoring, improve directory layout and modularization contexts for all auxiliary application components

  • Add stylesheet to default vendor (patzilla)

  • Harmonize conditional datasource enablement

  • Refactor frontend components to new directory layout

    • Data source adapters
    • Application layout- and error templates
    • Result list and document details
    • Family details
    • 3rd-party libraries and widgets
    • Application core

2017-10-06 0.137.0

  • Fix opaquelinks subsystem
  • Fix exception when crawling without criteria
  • Vendor MTC: Update product name to “ navigator”
  • Use jquery.redirect from
  • Use jquery.viewport from
  • IFI CLAIMS: Improve description fulltext display re. section “advantageous effects” (missing), embedded lists and embedded drawings
  • Improve handling of global and runtime configuration settings
  • Add vendor branding assets as discrete css stylesheets

2017-09-15 0.136.0

  • Fix: Don’t cache “404 Not Found” responses from OPS’ image inquiry API
  • Fix hard errors in the aftermath of repository cleanup
  • Improve exception handling for authentication errors against OPS API
  • Improve datasource configuration mechanics
  • Improve OPS API error propagation
  • Update documentation re. database sandbox mode
  • Pull application-wide upstream API authentication credentials from datasource settings
  • Trim down automatic user provisioning
  • Application configuration file cleanup
  • Large namespace refactoring
  • Make tests work again
  • Properly handle and propagate cache database connection errors
  • Disable automatic “admin” user provisioning
  • Documentation, “naming things” and further cleansing
  • Naming things: Rename HTTP header for transporting the keywords
  • Improve parsing robustness and error propagation on invalid “pubdate” fields
  • Be graceful on officelink hotkey selection problems
  • Improve header layout in liveview mode
  • Upgrade to most recent versions of Python foundation modules across the board
  • OPS stopped delivering the elapsed time when crawling
  • Improve basket model and interaction sanity
  • Database export filename: naming things
  • Introduce webpack for bundling the Javascript/CSS assets
  • Mangle Javascript code into a suitable form for being webpacked
  • Fix test framework
  • Update claims fulltext manipulation for DEPATISconnect
  • Introduce component activation conditionals and improve wording
  • Improve fulltext display re. OPS API 3.2 changes
  • Reduce notification popup display time from six to four seconds
  • Introduce webpacked version of login.js
  • Fix redirect on failed logins
  • Protect sensible configuration settings from leaking into javascript environment
  • Use vendor information from application settings
  • Refactor development mode flag
  • Release packaging wrt webpack
  • Improve vendor information handling

2017-09-08 0.135.0

  • Update IFI CLAIMS API endpoint
  • Use [OL] prefix for displaying titles without @lang attribute
  • Fix online help link in menu
  • Fix issue reporter for query transformation
  • Refactor per-datasource max_hits mechanics
  • Fix behavior when reviewing empty basket
  • Add datasource
  • Add branding for vendor MTC
  • Improve number normalization around datasource IFI CLAIMS
  • Fix document cycle sorting
  • Fix highlighting for Solr complexphrase expressions
  • Also search for priority number when using “Number” field in comfort search
  • Populate field symbol chooser for expert search
  • Bring list of global office links up to speed
  • Display both (docdb) and (epodoc) numbers at application reference
  • Highlighting for expert search
  • Use recent browser-like User-Agent across the board
  • Improve patent number normalization and usage
  • Improve Espacenet screen scraper
  • Migrate to OPS API version 3.2
  • Improve/fix patent display after OPS 3.2 migration

2017-04-06 0.134.1

  • Improve search backend error handling and display

2017-04-05 0.134.0

  • Minor improvement to basket.add(…) method
  • Fix IFI CLAIMS anomaly: KR20170037210A has “name” instead of “last-name” in applicants node
  • Also grok “image/jpeg” as source format from IFI CLAIMS for delivering single pages and drawings
  • Enable caching for IFI CLAIMS media downloads

2017-04-04 0.133.0

  • Fix parties (applicants, inventors) display for IFI CLAIMS: An error occurred when displaying the document ‘IN268402B’. Thanks, Benjamin!
  • Fix exception flood from basket model
  • Fix basket “Add visible” feature
  • Properly handle errors when IFI CLAIMS delivers empty document for bibliographic data, e.g. IN268402A
  • Make IFI CLAIMS data model grok patent citations
  • Enable documents from office “KR” for IFI CLAIMS bibliographic data interface
  • Improve language priorization for fulltexts from IFI CLAIMS: EN, DE, others
  • Add datasource label to fulltext sections

2017-03-28 0.132.3

  • Improve/fix IFI CLAIMS data model implementation
  • Add “CN” to list of countries where bibliographic data can be acquired from IFI CLAIMS
  • Add datasource label to detail view

2017-03-28 0.132.2

  • Attempt to fix bibliographic model implementation again

2017-03-28 0.132.1

  • Fix bibliographic model implementations

2017-03-28 0.132.0

  • Improve fulltext/claims display for RU2015121704A via IFI CLAIMS
  • Refactor bibliographic model implementation
  • Optionally display bibliographic data from IFI CLAIMS (e.g. IN2015CH00356A)

2017-03-10 0.131.0

  • Improve logging and error handling
  • Enable fulltext acquisition for countries BE, CA, CN, FR, GB, JP, KR, LU, NL, RU through IFI CLAIMS

2017-03-08 0.130.3

  • Update IFI CLAIMS documentation re. combined {!complexphrase} expressions
  • Improve IFI CLAIMS translation re. queries with {!complexphrase} fulltext criteria

2017-03-08 0.130.2

  • Fix numberlist crawling after distinguishing between query expression and query filter parameters

2017-03-07 0.130.1

  • Minor fix to allow exporting of projects with “seen only” documents

2017-03-07 0.130.0

  • Bugfix re. bad assignment between “seen” and “rated” documents in basket model
  • Switch to interface flavor “expert” when signalling through url parameter “mode=expert”
  • IFI CLAIMS: Distinguish between query expression and query filter parameters to better support certain time range searches

2017-03-03 0.129.1

  • Fix support email delivery
  • Fix deployment

2017-03-02 0.129.0

  • IFI CLAIMS: Properly respond to “no servers hosting shard” error messages
  • IFI CLAIMS: Improve keyword highlighting
  • Improve error handling
  • Keyword highlighting: Switch from whole words to fragments
  • Improve support- and system-email machinery
  • Move support email body template from code to configuration
  • Also add user as recipient for support emails

2017-02-27 0.128.2

  • Improve datetime and fulltext parsing for IFI CLAIMS

2017-02-27 0.128.1

  • Improve IFI CLAIMS interface and documentation re. “maxClauseCount is set to …” error messages

2017-02-22 0.128.0

  • Update IFI CLAIMS documentation
  • Add vendor branding for Europatent

2017-02-20 0.127.0

  • Fix typo in IFI CLAIMS documentation
  • Disable data source “FulltextPRO”

2017-02-20 0.126.2

  • Fix date parsing for full 4-digit years with IFI CLAIMS

2017-02-20 0.126.1

  • Fix parsing regular ISO dates with IFI CLAIMS

2017-02-20 0.126.0

  • Update branding for vendor Europatent
  • IFI CLAIMS: Add handbook and fix field name chooser
  • Make comfort search at IFI CLAIMS accept date expressions in german format

2016-11-15 0.125.3

  • Tune branding for

2016-11-15 0.125.2

  • Tune branding for

2016-11-15 0.125.1

  • Tune multi-vendor branding

2016-11-15 0.125.0

  • First version of multi-vendor branding

2016-11-13 0.124.0

  • Improve interactive DEPATISconnect behavior through fastpath document retrieval and acquisition
  • Fix Espacenet fulltext retrieval fallback
  • Improve “FulltextPRO” error handling

2016-10-26 0.123.1

  • Fix logging error on “FulltextPRO” exception

2016-10-18 0.123.0

  • Fix placeholder display re. WO2001000469A1 vs. WO0100469A1
  • Fix setup woes re. setuptools>=11.3 dependency
  • Reduce production search cache time to 2 hours
  • Catch new type of “FulltextPRO” error
  • Improve layout of search modifiers “Family member by priority” and “Remove family members”

2016-10-12 0.122.0

  • Improve anonymization of sensitive user information re. issue reporter
  • Improve patent number normalization support for EAPO numbers (Eurasian Patent Organization), e.g. EA21949B1
  • [TAG] Staging milestone

2016-10-12 0.121.0

  • Improve swapping of family members by priority: DE, EP..B, WO, EP..A2, EP..A3, EP, US

2016-10-11 0.120.2

  • Fix biblio inquiry for family member swapping
  • Fix drawing display of CA industrial design documents

2016-10-11 0.120.1

  • Fix priority swapping for data source DPMA and FulltextPRO
  • Fix query recording re. timing problems

2016-10-10 0.120.0

  • Fix DEPATISnet client re. form field “DocId”
  • Fix unoconv export re. HOME environment variable
  • Swapping of family members by priority DE, EP, WO, US
  • Improve FulltextPRO downtime message
  • Use wide layout for user interface
  • Allow rotating of drawings
  • Fix liveview mode when exporting a large number of basket items re. “op” parameter url cleaning
  • Introduce new cache area “longer” (1 week) for caching PNG drawings
  • Enable caching of static assets for 1 hour again
  • Use Marionette and Underscore templates for the basic application layout (header, content, footer)
  • Improve application bootstrapping behavior
  • Improve application boostrapping: configuration vs. theme. Work towards a white-label version.
  • Attempt to fix to errors reported by issue reporter

2016-08-07 0.119.6

  • Another attempt to fix liveview mode: Strip “op” parameter before computing drilldown opaque URLs.

2016-08-07 0.119.5

  • Attempt to fix liveview mode: Original “op” parameter was propagated without honoring clicked elements.

2016-08-06 0.119.4

  • Fix ZeroClipboard by adding missing *.swf files to python package

2016-08-06 0.119.3

  • Improve embedded rendering

2016-08-06 0.119.2

  • More fixes for proper url generation to patentview

2016-08-06 0.119.1

  • Improve OPS logging
  • Fix liveview link propagation

2016-08-06 0.119.0

  • Depend on more recent versions of Python modules (pyOpenSSL, pyasn1, ndg-httpsclient) to ensure SNI compatibility for egress HTTP requests
  • Improve embedding of single documents for Workbook exports

2016-08-05 0.118.0

  • Improve efficiency when accessing PDF archive: Use persistent requests session, use requests transport with xmlrpclib, switch API entrypoint at upstream data provider to improved Linux infrastructure
  • Try to improve TIFF to PNG conversion quality (contrast) by switching to more recent version of ImageMagick - Before: - After:
  • React appropriately to “busy” or “overload” situations at OPS by introducing little amounts of delays in request processing
  • Improve robustness and logging on multi-stage fetching of PDF documents
  • Improve data export robustness and logging

2016-08-04 0.117.0

  • Improve robustness of OPS OAuth client
  • Add Javascript components “jQuery Redirect” and “bootstrap-slider”
  • Improve data export facility and user interface
  • Add Python modules pandas, XlsxWriter and html2text
  • Add XML Workbook to PDF conversion based on LibreOffice, unoconv and envoy

2016-05-11 0.116.4

  • Fix logic for displaying per-user-enabled data source buttons
  • [TAG] Staging milestone

2016-05-02 0.116.3

  • Fix another Javascript runtime error reported by issue reporter on staging re. old query history items vs. new search modifiers

2016-05-02 0.116.2

  • Fix some Javascript runtime errors reported by issue reporter on staging

2016-05-02 0.116.1

  • Issue reporter: Fix query expression to user interface propagation, for “no results” panel as well as the issue reporter dialog

2016-05-01 0.116.0


  • IFI: Enable expression parsing with “Class” criteria in comfort form

  • IFI: Remove family members

  • IFI: Basic crawler

  • CIPO: Add direkt link to CIPO, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

  • WIPO: Add direkt link to WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Office

  • DPMA: Adapt wildcard semantics in comfort form to world standards

  • Query builder: Improve design and layout of history chooser

  • Display: For EP..A4 documents, display drawings of family members

  • Display: Improve experience with brand new US documents not yet in OPS, Espacenet or other databases, e.g. US9317610B2

    • If PDF can not be acquired elsewhere, redirect to USPTO servers
    • If drawing actually gets loaded despite the document having no bibliographic information, swap out the placeholder and display the drawing at least. Also improve feedback to the user.
    • Add external links to USPTO for US documents
    • Improve display of drawing “totalcount” value if there’s no information about it


  • Generalize keyword field whitelist handling between OPS and DEPATISnet

  • Generalize query expression parsing between CQL (EPO, DEPATISnet) and Solr (IFI CLAIMS)

    • IFI: Improve keyword extraction and highlighting
    • IFI: Improve class rewriting in comfort form
    • IFI: Roundtrip class rewriting for proper keyword extraction from query expression
    • IFI: Basic software tests for query expression parsing
  • Add caching for drawings from USPTO and CIPO

  • UI: Improve error handling for batch requests

  • Use generic DatasourceCrawler also when doing batch requests to OPS to gain generic filtering routines

  • Improve image/pdf acquisition robustness

  • Improve user interface wording for placeholders and more

  • Enhance bulk request error handling

  • IFI: Propagate information about removal of patent family members from middleware to frontend

  • Improve placeholders for feature “Remove family members”

  • “Report problem” subsystem and user interface

  • Display: Introduce mini menu

  • Unify response data- and error-channels amongst all data sources

  • Add commandline tool for cleaning the IP Suite Navigator Browser database

  • Streamline Javascript application boot process

  • Improve search modifier propagation: Add pathway from query parameters to metadata

Bug fixes and minor updates

  • Improve OPS connection error handling
  • Improve keyword extraction and propagation
  • Fix woes with javascript “htmlentities” machinery
  • LinkMaker: Update/fix urls for Espacenet and Google
  • Improve wording on email for “Document unavailable » Report problem”
  • Don’t quote single numbers for OPS query expression in “perform_listsearch”
  • Improve document number decoder: Make it grok JP numbers like “JPWO2013186910A1”
  • Fix sorting of documents in subsearch- and numberlist-modes
  • Deactivate downvoting EP..A3 documents when displaying most recent publication
  • Stop saving reference to project in QueryModel, this has led to dereferenced ProjectModel objects sucking up localStorage space
  • Fix pager setup on numberlistsearch
  • Fix family member removal notification: Differentiate between empty results from OPS in general and empty results after slicing
  • Don’t use review mode when sharing a basket via link as numberlist
  • Don’t display menu entrypoint in “liveview” mode

2016-04-18 0.115.0

  • Don’t use DE..A8 family members as alternative for displaying drawings
  • Use alternatives from patent family also when displaying drawings of DE..A8 documents

2016-04-18 0.114.0

  • Improve exception handling for “FulltextPRO” upstream
  • Update “FulltextPRO” database search endpoint after server changeover
  • Improve OPS drawing inquiry re. US amendments/corrections
  • Improve “FulltextPRO” session management for error cases
  • Improve placeholders re. gracefulness to WO anomalies like WO2003049775A2 vs. WO03049775A2
  • Improve drawings carousel by using drawings from family members for references (Aktenzeichen) like DE112013003369A5
  • Reactivate SDP data adapter as IFI CLAIMS

2016-03-19 0.113.0

  • ui: compensate for anomaly with references-cited at EP2479266A1

2016-02-19 0.112.0

  • middleware: improve logging for FulltextPRO
  • ui: strip kindcodes from numbers in numberlist

2016-01-06 0.111.2

  • “FulltextPRO” adapter: don’t decode xml from utf-8 when pretty printing
  • middleware: adapt tests to changes in US number normalization
  • middleware: reactivate SE..A to SE..L rewriting with number normalization

2016-01-05 0.111.1

  • reflect year change in copyright footers - happy new year!

2015-12-31 0.111.0

  • middleware: improve parsing behavior for cql micro expressions regarding discrete years in half-bounded intervals

2015-12-30 0.110.0

  • ui: stop storing “title” attributes into BasketEntryModel objects, also remove when touching objects
  • middleware: add tool “browser_database_tool” for manipulating browser database dumps (json)
  • middleware: don’t list email addresses for newsletter if user is tagged with “newsletter:opt-out”
  • ui: improve display when no classifications are available
  • ui: citation references from non-US family members
  • middleware: add cache region “medium” with ttl of one day, set ttl of region “static” to one month (before: one year)
  • middleware: improve DRAWINGS decoding from OPS image inquiry response, has great impacts on US drawings display

2015-12-22 0.109.2

  • ui: make IE11 behave
  • ui: change color of reading progress indicator to more decent turquoise

2015-12-22 0.109.1

  • middleware: improve depatisnet client by vaporizing after any http error
  • ui: improve reading progress indicator

2015-12-22 0.109.0

  • ui: add “ToProgress” top bar library
  • ui: add reading progress indicator

2015-12-21 0.108.1

  • ui: refactor components due to import order woes

2015-12-21 0.108.0

  • ui: Feature “Fetch publication numbers of all results, strip kindcodes and build list of unique entries.”
  • ui: add jquery.waypoints library
  • ui: Feature “track seen documents”: introduce “seen” attribute to BasketEntryModel
  • ui: Feature “track seen documents”: apply basket item “seen” state to user interface by decreasing opacity of document panels
  • ui: fix document list comparator re. document numbers w/o kindcode
  • ui: Feature “track seen documents”: introduce “mode_fade_seen” attribute to ProjectModel and bind mode behavior to it
  • ui: make datasource “numberlist” and review mode honor “full-cycle” search modifier
  • ui: sophisticated placeholder subsystem
  • middleware: improve number normalization for US numbers, e.g. US20150322651A1
  • ui: proper sorting (recent first, past first) for kindcode variants with EP..A3 downvoting
  • middleware: disable long-term caching for ops family queries

2015-12-18 0.107.0

  • DEPATISnet adapter: fix scraper response handling re. parsing of upstream errors and result count
  • DEPATISnet adapter: feature “family-replace”
  • ui: fix result comparator sorting for numberlists without patent kindcodes

2015-12-16 0.106.0

  • middleware: allow cache invalidation for upstream resources by url parameter “invalidate=true”

2015-12-15 0.105.0

  • ui: display results in the same order as coming from upstream; this applies to DEPATISnet, “FulltextPRO” and Numberlist queries

2015-12-15 0.104.2

  • ui: improve visibility of active search option modifier buttons (full cycle, remove family members, full family)

2015-12-15 0.104.1

  • DEPATISnet adapter: Properly propagate search options (Modifiers, Sorting) to crawler subsystem

2015-12-15 0.104.0

  • DEPATISnet adapter: Feature “Sorting of results”

2015-12-14 0.103.0

  • FulltextPRO adapter: Feature “Full family”

2015-12-14 0.102.1

  • “Remove family members” at DEPATISnet: fix edge case where hit count would display wrong numbers when requesting in family-only mode and having more than 1000 results

2015-12-14 0.102.0

  • DEPATISnet adapter: Feature “Remove family members”
  • ui: improve querybuilder layout and mechanics

2015-09-25 0.101.1

  • “FulltextPRO” adapter: fix xml query building re. xml declaration

2015-09-25 0.101.0

  • middleware: improve ops image inquiry robustness
  • ui: improve numberlist robustness, filter empty entries
  • middleware: improve sdp backend, fetch single resources (xml, json, pdf, tif, png)
  • auth: improve lua layer robustness
  • auth: turn on open access to “kindcodes” api again
  • middleware: improve sdp backend, fetch multiple resources (xml:pretty,json:pretty,png,pdf)
  • DEPATISnet adapter: improve error detection on upstream result decoding errors
  • DEPATISnet adapter: fix XLS decoding error, upstream added new status line to first row e.g. “Search query: pn=(EP666666) Status: 25.09.2015”

2015-09-02 0.100.0

  • middleware: add flexibility to work against a local archive service instance for accessing DEPATISconnect
  • middleware: improve number normalization for JP and SE documents
  • middleware: improve fulltext access robustness at DEPATISconnect vs. Espacenet

2015-07-16 0.99.0

  • middleware: add datasource “SDP”: Serviva Data Proxy / IFI CLAIMS

2015-06-02 0.98.0

  • middleware: smart normalization for applicant names on direct url entry

2015-05-18 0.97.10

  • middleware/ui: add “applicant-distinct” analytics module
  • middleware: fix edge case re. proximity operators in “FulltextPRO” expressions
  • middleware: DPMA register: fix form selection (don’t select by name, but by number)

2015-04-10 0.97.9

  • middleware: fix dependency on “xlrd” for reading excel files

2015-04-10 0.97.8

  • middleware: switch depatisnet to data acquisition via xls (excel) file instead of csv

2015-04-09 0.97.7

  • middleware: fix more edge cases when parsing non-standard html entities from depatisnet csv inventor or applicant fields

2015-04-08 0.97.6

  • middleware: fix edge cases when parsing non-standard html entities from depatisnet csv inventor or applicant fields

2015-04-05 0.97.5

  • middleware: minor post-refactoring fixes

2015-03-30 0.97.4

  • middleware: replace html entities in csv response from depatisnet

2015-03-30 0.97.3

  • ui: fix “fetch result numbers” for queries including umlauts

2015-03-22 0.97.2

  • ui/middleware: minor fixes to embedding subsystem

2015-03-22 0.97.1

  • ui/middleware: make embedding subsystem more generic

2015-03-21 0.97.0

  • ui/middleware: standalone carousel widget

2015-03-21 0.96.1

  • ui: move application components

2015-03-21 0.96.0

  • middleware: analytics api for “newest” and “oldest” searches
  • ui: preliminary access to analytics api

2015-02-26 0.95.5

  • middleware: fall back to Espacenet for DE- and US-fulltexts

2015-02-26 0.95.4

  • middleware: implement asciifolding for FulltextPRO

2015-02-26 0.95.3

  • middleware: fix cache key charset encoding problem by upgrading to Beaker 1.7.0dev

2015-02-25 0.95.2

  • middleware: fix HTTPS self-signed certificate validation problem for Python >= 2.7.9, see PEP 476
  • auth: turn off open access to “kindcodes” api
  • ui: fix query history display after creating new project
  • ui: fix event listening when creating ProjectChooserView instances

2015-02-10 0.95.1

  • middleware: improve pdf bulk delivery: include report.txt into zip archive, be graceful for invalid patent numbers

2015-02-10 0.95.0

  • ui: fix “wipe database”
  • ui: improve performance when adding many result numbers to document collection
  • middleware: use MongoDB GridFS for storing large binary static resources from upstream to prevent DocumentTooLarge errors

2015-02-10 0.94.3

  • ui: enhance show-/hide-mechanics of paging components et al.

2015-02-10 0.94.2

  • middleware: fix case sensitivity problem in fulltext expression parser for FulltextPRO

2015-02-10 0.94.1

  • ui: fix ui lockup issues with new query history chooser

2015-01-25 0.94.0

  • ui: major improvements to query history subsystem

2015-01-23 0.93.3

  • middleware: minor but important enhancements to FulltextPRO query expression parser

2015-01-23 0.93.2

  • ui: fix typo in main template introduced when doing the document error template in a hurry

2015-01-23 0.93.1

  • ui: fix/enhance rendering of application reference and priority claims

2015-01-23 0.93.0

  • ui: fix display problem for documents without “patent-classification” attribute, this occurred with documents from e.g. B60N3/02, B60N3/10
  • ui: display placeholder on exception in central document item template
  • ui: proper page-break handling
  • ui: boot application even if experiencing problems with localStorage (for print mode)
  • middleware: try “wkhtmltopdf” for pdf rendering
  • ui: fix display problem for documents without “classification-ipcr” attribute
  • ui: enhance rendering of application reference and priority claims

2015-01-21 0.92.0

  • ui: offer adding all numbers to basket after fetching result numberlist

2015-01-21 0.91.0

  • middleware: enhance ops usage api (differentiate between “ago” and “current” - per period)
  • middleware: uppercase patentnumber when searching at FulltextPRO
  • ui: bug: when clicking through family citations, current view state (e.g. project) is not propagated properly
  • ui: explore all family members
  • middleware: more enhancements to FulltextPRO query translator
  • middleware: don’t use “inpadoc” field qualifier when searching for applicant or investor at FulltextPRO
  • middleware: understand year ranges in comfort form, e.g. 1990-2014, 1990 - 2014, 1990-, -2014
  • middleware: fix gif to tiff conversion (required for acquiring drawings from CIPO)
  • middleware: username (email) should always be lowercase
  • middleware: admin api: filter email addresses by tag: /api/admin/users/emails?tag=vdpm

2015-01-20 0.90.3

  • middleware: increase timeout for XmlRpcTimeoutServer (DEPATISconnect) from 8 to 15 seconds

2015-01-20 0.90.2

  • ui: distinguish between erroneous or empty responses to on-demand requests for abstracts at DEPATISconnect
  • middleware: attempt to detect when searching at FulltextPRO fails due to invalid session and relogin again
  • middleware: make FulltextPRO expression parser handle more expressions from the wild

2015-01-19 0.90.1

  • middleware: make fieldnames case insensitive at FulltextPRO expression translator
  • middleware: unicode support for FulltextPRO expression translator

2015-01-19 0.90.0

  • ui: copy comfort form contents to clipboard, clear comfort form values

2015-01-19 0.89.1

  • middleware: fix keyword trimming at FulltextPRO expression converter

2015-01-19 0.89.0

  • middleware: major enhancements to FulltextPRO expression translator re. unqualified search expressions, tests
  • middleware: enable new FulltextPRO expression translator on all inputs for fields “Class” and “Full text”

2015-01-18 0.88.1

  • middleware: fixes to FultextPRO expression enhancements

2015-01-18 0.88.0

  • middleware: enhance FulltextPRO comfort form capabilities for “Class” expressions
  • middleware: enhance FulltextPRO comfort form capabilities for “Full text” expressions
  • tests: tests for enhanced FulltextPRO cql expressions and parser refinements

2015-01-17 0.87.4

  • middleware: enhance timeout behavior at DEPATISconnect upstream

2015-01-15 0.87.3

  • middleware: fix “DEPATISconnect alternatives” routine

2015-01-14 0.87.2

  • ui: don’t display FulltextPRO query in expert mode, unless using “debug=true”
  • ui: warning message re. capping the first 10 elements also should appear when exploring the citation environment in main bibliographic view

2015-01-14 0.87.1

  • ui: reactivate feature “Documents citing same citations”

2015-01-14 0.87.0

  • middleware: reverse kindcode fixing for DE documents at DEPATISconnect
  • middleware: enhance patent number normalization for old US publications, e.g. US000000024087E => USRE24087E
  • middleware: perform kindcode fixing also on patent normalization api
  • ui: move “Fetch result numbers” button to results tool menu
  • ui: deactivated feature “Documents citing same citations”
  • middleware: enhance/fix FulltextPRO fulltext search field
  • ui: display limits of datasource in “fetch result numbers” dialog

2015-01-13 0.86.2

  • middleware: enhanced patentnumber- and kindcode-normalization for offices AR, GE, IT and ES
  • middleware: enhanced patentnumber- and kindcode-normalization for office DE, esp. reg. older german publications

2015-01-12 0.86.1

  • authentication: restrict access to admin api
  • admin api: add endpoint for inquiring email addresses of all users

2015-01-12 0.86.0

  • middleware: FulltextPRO user impersonation / multi-tenancy

2015-01-12 0.85.0

  • middleware: number normalization: AT362828E should be returned as AT362828T for querying at OPS
  • middleware/ui: ops upstream datasource crawler for fetching complete list of publication numbers, user interface
  • ui: fix “full-cycle” for firefox
  • middleware/ui: numberlist crawler for DEPATISnet
  • middleware/ui: numberlist crawler for FulltextPRO

2015-01-09 0.84.0

  • tests: add tests for patent number normalization routines
  • tests: adapt tests for patent number normalization routines to enhancements of normalization algorithms for AT- and JP-offices
  • middleware: pass through not-normalizable numbers from 3rd-party datasources to OPS
  • middleware: number normalization for e.g. BR000PI0507004A
  • ui: permit definition of short user-defined keywords (0 chars minimum)

2015-01-09 0.83.2

  • middleware: reject bad search syntax in FulltextPRO fulltext field

2015-01-09 0.83.2

  • ui: enhance document viewport detection reg. hotkey behaviour; should properly work on last item in list now

2015-01-09 0.83.1

  • middleware: finally remove last hack against FulltextPRO deficiencies reg. ipc- vs. cpc-classes

2015-01-08 0.83.0

  • middleware: increase DEPATISconnect service run_acquisition request timeout from 3 to 8 seconds; hopefully this improves the 502/504 http errors occurring on production
  • middleware: switch to modern version of FulltextPRO comfort form -> xml query translation again, allowing nested OR expressions
  • middleware/ui: allow “DE,EP” comfort form syntax for countries
  • ui: Family citations highlighting: auto generate hsla colors to increase color space
  • ui: Family citations highlighting: when saving keyword mappings, remove highlighted keywords before applying highlighting again
  • ui: Don’t use dismissed basket entries in review mode
  • ui: cache “get_numbers” on basket model, this would be called on each “link_document”
  • ui: enhance behavior for hitting page bottom when scrolling to next item, simplify code

2015-01-06 0.82.2

  • dummy release

2015-01-06 0.82.1

  • ui: properly catch condition when there’s no family information available

2015-01-06 0.82.0

  • ui: add ECMAScript 6 compatibility shim
  • ui: explore citation environment of all cited references aggregated across all family members
  • ui: highlighting for family citations

2015-01-06 0.81.3

  • middleware: cleanup host-based constraints in parameter firewall
  • middleware: fix keyword extraction from FulltextPRO fulltext field containing boolean expressions

2015-01-06 0.81.2

  • middleware: enhance FulltextPRO IPC/CPC class woes

2015-01-05 0.81.1

  • ui: fix keyword decoding for complex queries

2015-01-05 0.81.0

  • middleware: bug: “just one IPC class works with FulltextPRO”; another fix for “modern mode => legacy mode”
  • middleware/ui: number normalization for numberlists

2015-01-05 0.80.0

  • ui: slightly enhance layout of “references cited (56)” data
  • ui: scroll to top of window after paging
  • ui: pagedown/pageup (space/shift+space) navigation now also utilizes paging when overdrawing
  • ui: enhance scrolling- and paging-behaviors

2015-01-05 0.79.0

  • ui: fix direct numberlist mode for internet explorer
  • middleware: fix FulltextPRO query generation (deactivated “modern mode” due to problems with “FulltextPRO” query parser)
  • ui: shortcut button for jumping from bibliographic data directly to the “Family » Citations” tab

2015-01-04 0.78.0

  • auth: fix authentication.lua re. “came_from”
  • ui: “family citations” prototype

2015-01-04 0.77.1

  • ui: minor tweaks to custom highlighting style

2015-01-04 0.77.0

  • auth: fix “came_from” functionality

2015-01-04 0.76.0

  • ui: enhance custom highlighting style

2015-01-04 0.75.0

  • ui: display badges for patentsearch-staging and -develop
  • ui: extend copyright line to current year (2015)
  • ui: enable all modules in development mode

2015-01-04 0.74.0

  • ui: fix - highlighting stopped working when displaying document details (claims, description)
  • ui: enhance custom highlighting

2014-12-16 0.73.0

  • ui: individual keyword highlighting - prototype

2014-12-15 0.72.0

  • middleware: propagate userid upstream to middleware and resolve user detail information from MongoDB
  • middleware: use OPS credentials from user details, otherwise fall back to Elmyra OPS credentials
  • middleware: publish and enhance OPS usage api
  • middleware: per-user, per-day metrics for upstream transfer volume
  • middleware: use “modules” info from user details for computing allowed access to FulltextPRO

2014-12-14 0.71.4

  • middleware: fix FulltextPRO error messages

2014-12-10 0.71.3

  • middleware: fix OPS applicant family analytics

2014-12-10 0.71.2

  • middleware: deactivate enhanced flexible class querying at FulltextPRO due to upstream regressions

2014-12-10 0.71.1

  • middleware: fix OPS applicant family analytics

2014-12-10 0.71.0

  • middleware: OPS applicant family analytics enhancements: word- and image-counts
  • middleware: enhance query expression utility service for “applicant” field, e.g. “MAMMUT SPORTS GROUP AG”
  • middleware: fix number normalization of AT numbers
  • ui: scroll to first result entry after paging
  • middleware: enhance/fix drawing inquiry
  • ui: display original values of parties (applicant, inventor)
  • middleware: make umlauts work at FulltextPRO, e.g. applicant=Kärcher
  • middleware: OPS applicant family analytics enhancements: designated states

2014-12-08 0.70.1

  • middleware: fix “FulltextPRO” CPC classes import

2014-12-08 0.70.0

  • middleware: integrate “FulltextPRO” CPC classes

2014-12-05 0.69.0

  • middleware: OPS applicant family analytics prototype

2014-12-04 0.68.0

  • middleware: honor “bi=” fieldname in comfort form fulltext search expression
  • middleware: minor fix for problems with umlauts in “inventor” field in comfort form
  • ui: don’t close document view when switching regions to fix lost event listeners
  • ui: link non-patent-literature citations to

2014-12-02 0.67.0

  • middleware: propagate error message from “FulltextPRO” search to user interface
  • ui: reset document model on error while avoiding double rendering on initial page load
  • middleware/ui: propagate ftpro search exception to user interface
  • middleware: fix for boolean fulltext expressions for FulltextPRO search
  • ui: enhance/fix error behavior, error display and hotkeys
  • ui: enable/fix autocomplete in comfort form (workaround)
  • middleware: strip spaces from values of comfort form @ FulltextPRO to fix “FulltextPRO” syntax error
  • ui: fix comfort form submit-on-return for non-ie/-safari browsers
  • middleware/ui: enhance error message propagation
  • middleware/ui: fix/enhance query expression building experience
  • middleware: propagate error message about unknown IPC class from FulltextPRO comfort form

2014-12-01 0.66.0

  • middleware: allow simple boolean expressions (e.g. ti=bildschirm and ab=fahrzeug) in comfort form for FulltextPRO search

2014-11-24 0.65.1

  • fix depatisconnect adapter

2014-11-24 0.65.0

  • remove beta badge

2014-11-18 0.64.0

  • ui: display other classifications (UC, FI, FTERM)
  • middleware: enhance timeout behavior when downloading PDF documents (1 second)
  • ui/middleware: fulltext-modifier-chooser for selecting in which fulltext fields (title, abstract, claim, description) to search at “FulltextPRO” backend
  • ui: fullscreen mode feature

2014-11-17 0.63.0

  • ui: display application number

2014-11-16 0.62.3

  • ui: remove application date from document header area

2014-11-16 0.62.2

  • ui: don’t use tables with full borders

2014-11-16 0.62.1

  • ui: improve display of inpadoc patent family (compact)

2014-11-16 0.62.0

  • ui/middleware: display inpadoc patent family

2014-11-15 0.61.2

  • ui: fix database import on Windows

2014-11-14 0.61.1

  • ui: fix collectionView / listRegion display woes

2014-11-14 0.61.0

  • ui/middleware: new result view showing all search results from FulltextPRO

2014-11-12 0.60.0

  • ui/middleware: display nice error message if “FulltextPRO” is in maintenance mode

2014-11-12 0.59.1

  • ui: try to make hotkeys work from inside input fields by delaying setup

2014-11-12 0.59.0

  • ui: disable google datasource activation shortcut on production

2014-11-12 0.58.0

  • middleware: apply number normalization to results from FulltextPRO, enhance number normalization for JP documents

2014-11-11 0.57.0

  • ui: renamed “also published as” to “full cycle”
  • ftpro backend: use textsearch with fullfamily=”false” to satisfy customer requirement
  • ftpro backend: apply intermediary hack to allow for simple concatenation with “and” or “or” operators of class search expression in comfort form

2014-11-09 0.56.0

  • ui: enhance hotkey handling
  • ui: update jquery.hotkeys.js
  • ui: add feature to query by numberlist

2014-11-08 0.55.1

  • ui: enhancements to zoomed form field hotkey handling

2014-11-08 0.55.0

  • ui: comfort form input field zooming and hotkey improvements

2014-11-07 0.54.0

  • ui: make google datasource invisible by default

2014-11-07 0.53.0

  • ui/middleware: lazy acquisition of german abstracts for DE documents from DEPATISconnect

2014-11-06 0.52.0

  • ui: enhance and stabilize query behavior, user experience and keyword propagation

2014-11-06 0.51.0

  • ui: full-cycle mode chooser
  • middleware: allow searching for discrete ipc classes at FulltextPRO

2014-11-06 0.50.1

  • ui: fix minor typo

2014-11-06 0.50.0

  • ui: fix ftpro keyword propagation
  • ui: change text on login form: beta => 14 day trial
  • deployment: add target “vdpm”
  • ui/middleware: integrated Google Patents
  • ui/middleware: lots of refactoring

2014-11-05 0.49.0

  • ui/middleware: fix for weird Chrome bug: “X-PatZilla-Query-Keywords” headers are recieved duplicated
  • ui: paging layout overflow fix for Internet Explorer

2014-11-05 0.47.0

  • ui: fix: only set query and keywords if non-empty after computing query expression
  • deployment: whitelist FulltextPRO for domain
  • misc: enhance error message when OPS is in maintenance mode
  • middleware/ui: enhance paging mechanics with propagation to datasource and lazy fetching
  • ui: cosmetic fixes
  • ui: deactivate Export (Report) functionality

2014-10-08 0.46.0

  • middleware/ui: compute keywords from comfort form field values if datasource=ftpro
  • middleware/ui: enhance error handling on invalid field values in “FulltextPRO” comfort form
  • middleware: enable “FulltextPRO” IPC class querying with right truncation, e.g. H04L29*

2014-10-08 0.45.0

  • middleware/ui: connect comfort search form with ftpro datasource
  • middleware: “FulltextPRO” concordance subsystem for resolving countries and ipc classes

2014-10-07 0.44.2

  • middleware: activate ftpro query caching
  • ui: just parse ftpro results if result count >0

2014-10-07 0.44.1

  • rename file for an attempt on dependency mungling

2014-10-07 0.44.0

  • middleware: lowlevel adapter to search provider “SIP/FulltextPRO”
  • ui/middleware: integrate “FulltextPRO” search provider into user interface

2014-10-04 0.43.2

  • middleware: when performing patentnumber normalization, strip leading zeros from JP document numbers (DEPATISnet yields numbers like JP002011251389A)

2014-09-12 0.43.1

  • fix pdf url at new “also published as” bibliographic data

2014-09-12 0.43.0

  • data: stay in full-cycle mode, but only use first result document as representative one
  • data: enrich representative document with “also published as” bibliographic data
  • ui: display “also published as” information

2014-09-05 0.42.0

  • api: endpoint for inquiring all publication kindcodes by publication reference

2014-08-07 0.41.0

  • fix highlighting for descriptions from DEPATISconnect

2014-08-04 0.40.0

  • middleware: api endpoint for downloading a zip archive of multiple pdf documents
  • ui: wire multiple pdf zip archive download
  • ui: various minor improvements, some javascript refactoring
  • ui/middleware: lots of minor tweaks, more icons for notifications, wording
  • ui: import and share numberlist from/via clipboard

2014-08-03 0.39.0

  • ui: improve field autofocus behavior
  • ui: switch to expert mode when receiving url parameter ?query=
  • middleware: fix UserHistory.userid uniqueness

2014-08-03 0.38.0

  • ui: fix statusline margin
  • middleware: fix path to pdftk
  • ui: fix search interface behavior weirdness
  • ui: medium refactoring of javascript code from main.js/core.js to components/*
  • ui: refactor ops-fulltext specific code from core.js to ops.js
  • middleware/ui: retrieve german fulltexts from DEPATISconnect
  • ui: major refactoring of javascript code from core.js to components/*
  • ui: indicate activity (spinner) while fetching document details
  • middleware: run document acquisition when document fulltext details yielded no results at DEPATISconnect
  • middleware: fall back to CIPO for Canadian drawings
  • ui: fix snapped scrolling in Internet Explorer, improve snapping behavior in corner cases
  • ui: retrieve US fulltexts from DEPATISconnect
  • ui: fix Internet Explorer SVG scaling in datasource chooser
  • ui: fix/improve pdf.svg
  • middleware/ui: universal pdf endpoint
  • middleware: record user logins with timestamp in preparation to “daily usage plan”
  • ui: improve field autofocus behavior

2014-08-01 0.37.0

  • ui fix: query history stopped being submittable
  • ui: make highlighting yellow hurt less
  • ui: add header background image
  • ui: refactor querybuilder initializer functions to querybuilder.js
  • ui: enhance header style
  • ui: refactor hotkeys code out of core.js
  • ui: improve header, add link to help page
  • ui: hotkeys for switching querybuilder flavor
  • ui: improve querybuilder flavor event handling
  • ui: print mode fixes
  • ui: enhance notifications

2014-08-01 0.36.0

  • ui/data: properly deserialize ops response reg. nested results
  • ui: compute cql query from comfort form fields already when switching tabs
  • ui: query builder action button reorganization
  • ui: basket action button reorganization
  • ui: project action button reorganization
  • ui: swap tabs: Biblio, Claims, Desc
  • ui: rename “basket” to “collection”
  • ui: more action button enhancements
  • ui: put comment button right next to “Biblio, Claims, Desc”

2014-08-01 0.35.0

  • middleware: run ops search with “full-cycle” to retrieve A3 and B1 documents and more

2014-07-31 0.34.0

  • ui: refactor query builder to separate component
  • ui: introduce field-based query builder (comfort flavor)
  • ui: update cql field chooser for DEPATISnet
  • ui: change font for basket display

2014-07-16 0.33.0

  • ui: fix patoffice integration; submit basket content without rating stars
  • ui: fix broken inline links; don’t propagate “datasource=depatisnet”, but explicitly switch to “datasource=ops” instead
  • ui: better demo query for login panel
  • auth: use session cookies instead of persistent cookies for propagating the authentication token
  • auth: use “Secure” for making cookies https-only
  • middleware/auth: timestamps for User (created, modified)

2014-07-14 0.32.0

  • auth/identity/ui: propagate user tags to middleware, implement user create form; only permit for elmyra staff

2014-07-14 0.31.4

  • minor fixes and updates

2014-07-14 0.31.3

  • middleware: “RNG must be re-initialized after fork()” fixing again

2014-07-14 0.31.2

  • middleware: fix nasty “AssertionError: PID check failed. RNG must be re-initialized after fork(). Hint: Try Random.atfork()” error with opaque parameter subsystem

2014-07-14 0.31.1

  • auth/ui: tweak login form, fix cookie renewal

2014-07-14 0.31.0

  • auth/ui: make login screen more appealing
  • auth/ui: sign out with button
  • ui: permalink to current query
  • auth: always permit access to “patentview” domains

2014-07-14 0.30.0

  • infrastructure: enable multi-site deployment
  • middleware: improve serving of vanity urls vs. favicon.ico
  • middleware: try to fix vanity url redirect routine
  • middleware/ui: generalize patentsearch vs. patentview mechanism
  • middleware/auth: nginx-lua-auth proof-of-concept (http basic auth)
  • middleware/ui/auth: nginx-lua-auth enhancements (login-form)
  • ui/auth: enhance login box: integrate actions (login failed, register account) via email; rumble on error
  • auth: automatic cookie renewal, proper error responses for /api and /static routes
  • middleware: simple user identity subsystem
  • auth: authenticate against identity service, propagate userid/username to upstream service via http headers
  • auth/ui: sign out with button

2014-07-10 0.29.0

  • middleware: make cheshire3 cql parser unicode aware

  • middleware/tests: add nosetest environment

  • middleware: add alternative cql parser implementation based on pyparsing, with doctests

  • middleware: make pyparsing cql parser unicode aware, tweak and cleanup things

  • middleware/tests: add more inline doctests to pyparsing cql parser

  • middleware: make cql parser understand neighbourhood term operators

  • middleware/tests: add doctests for testing DEPATISnet CQL features

  • middleware/tests: add doctests for testing OPS CQL features

  • middleware: fix neighborhood operator problems in value shortcut notations

  • middleware/tests: add more complex, unrefurbished cql queries from the wild to depatisnet doctests

  • ui: overhaul highlighting component

    • don’t crash html
    • option to expand highlighting to whole words (wholeWords - false by default)
    • option to restrict highlighting to words with minimum length (minLength - undefined by default)
  • middleware/tests: infrastructure for reading utf-8 encoded doctest files (from NLTK)

  • middleware/tests: fix utf-8 encoding problem for doctests

  • middleware: minor tweaks to cql parser

  • middleware: activate new cql parser

  • ui: activate new highlighting component

  • middleware/caching [fix]: Beaker hashes keys with length > 250 by default which croaks when processing unicode values; prevent that by increasing to key_length=16384

  • ui: multicolor keyword highlighting

2014-07-04 0.28.0

  • middleware: fix charset encoding when propagating cql query to DEPATISnet and extracting keywords; enhance keyword processing

2014-07-03 0.27.0

  • middleware: updated cheshire cql parser from upstream re. “style: PEP8 fixes for core modules”
  • middleware: make cheshire cql parser smarter by allowing value shortcut notations like ‘index=(term)’ or ‘index=(term1 and term2 or term3)’
  • middleware: tests for value shortcut notation extension of cheshire cql parser

2014-06-24 0.26.1

  • ui: fix query-links in liveview mode

2014-06-24 0.26.0

  • ui: add “keyboarder” library
  • ui: add “list-group” css from bootstrap3
  • ui: add help page
  • ui: add hotkey overview to help page
  • ui: fix/improve inline query-link parameter building

2014-06-24 0.25.1

  • fix/improve build and deployment infrastructure

2014-06-24 0.25.0

  • ui, middleware: user-facing error messages for opaque parameter subsystem
  • ui: only push url parameters to history api if they differ from their defaults
  • ui: add “beta” badge again
  • middleware: increase review-in-liveview link ttl to 24 hours again
  • ui: fix project name display in liveview mode
  • ui: enhance basket activation/deactivation in case project has no basket
  • middleware: use static signing key for opaque parameter subsystem
  • ui, middleware: show expiry time and improve statusline formatting in liveview mode
  • ui: refactor permalink popover template
  • ui: begin refactoring some global helpers to generic UiController to keep up DRY
  • ui, middleware: add some generic utils
  • ui: improve permalink popover widget and subsystem
  • ui: basket sharing via url
  • ui: basket sharing via email: improve content details
  • ui: improve history api interaction

2014-06-22 0.24.3

  • ui: attempt to fix link expiry display

2014-06-22 0.24.2

  • release release

2014-06-22 0.24.1

  • ui, middleware: propagate metadata of signed opaque parameter token downstream to show link expiry time (ttl) in user interface

2014-06-22 0.24.0

  • ui, parameters: add button to popover for opening permalinks, tune urlcleaner regex
  • ui: added “ZeroClipboard 2.1.2”
  • ui: add button to copy permalink to clipboard

2014-06-22 0.23.4

  • ui, parameters: fix bootstrapping via “numberlist” query parameter

2014-06-22 0.23.3

  • ui: minor fix when displaying the current project name without having one
  • ui: increased default opaque parameter ttl to 24 hours

2014-06-22 0.23.2

  • ui: attempt to fix opaque parameter mechanics for inline “query-link”s

2014-06-22 0.23.1

  • ui: attempt to fix permalinks re. baseurl linking

2014-06-22 0.23.0

  • middleware: add “translogger” to development.ini to have an access.log
  • ui: clean huge url parameters like “database” or “op” from url at an early stage using the HTML5 history API to avoid referrer spam
  • ui/javascript infrastructure: adapt Makefile and MANIFEST
  • ui, storage: fix localforage.clear on localStorage to only wipe the current database
  • middleware: add some request variables (host-, and path-information) to application configuration
  • ui: make permalink buttons show popovers with full uris in text input form elements
  • ui, storage: resolve “duplicate project name problem” when importing database to “context=viewer”
  • ui: improve permalink mechanics
  • middleware: deactivate translogger (for access.log)

2014-06-15 0.22.2

  • ui: add “lz-string” library
  • ui: compress “data” url with “lz-string”

2014-06-15 0.22.1

  • ui, middleware: fix viewer lockdown mode for

2014-06-15 0.22.0

  • middleware: attempt to fix url routing re. undesired infinite redirect loops
  • middleware: bind to mode=liveview and title=Patent view
  • ui: interactively generate opaque permalinks
  • ui: use “opaquelinks” subsystem for review-in-liveview-with-ttl permalinks

2014-06-15 0.21.1

  • ui, middleware: deployment aftermath fixes ( dependencies, config.js woes)

2014-06-15 0.21.0

  • middleware, ui: “opaquelinks” subsystem on top of JSON Web Tokens
  • ui: use “opaquelinks” subsystem for generating inline links in liveview mode
  • ui, middleware: major parameter fiddling overhaul
  • ui: enable fanstatic minified mode

2014-06-13 0.20.1

  • ui [fix]: don’t rebuild comments everytime list gets focus
  • ui, ux: improve post database wipe experience
  • ui: fix document color indicator when document is just added to basket, without any score or dismiss flag set
  • ui, ux: display activity indicator and permalink buttons in liveview

2014-06-13 0.20.0

  • ui: disable autofocus of query textarea on page load
  • ui, storage: refactor database import, export, reset
  • ui, storage: introduce multi-tenancy by “context” query parameter
  • ui, storage: fix localForage keys() bug
  • ui, storage: add jquery.base64 library
  • ui, storage: add stripped-down dataurl library
  • ui: make review mode available via url parameter datasource=review
  • ui: improve application configuration and bootstrapping
  • ui, storage: export and import database to/from “data” URL scheme, see RFC 2397
  • ui: permalink button for liveview mode
  • ui: propagate state of (mode, context, project, datasource=ops) into query parameters of inline links

2014-06-12 0.19.0

  • ui: improved application vs. project bootstrapping
  • ui: improved quick notification helper
  • ui, storage: database import
  • ui, storage: improve backup format

2014-06-12 0.18.0

  • ux: make the pdf open on shift+p
  • ui, storage: update backbone-relational to b8ab71a449ff (2014-06-10)
  • ui, storage: presumably fix object corruption woes with localforage.backbone
  • ui, storage: comments plugin, alpha, also opens on “c” key
  • ui, storage: update to latest localforage 3ef964cda96 for getting an array of all keys for backup feature
  • js: add Blob.js and FileSaver.js for saving files locally without user interaction
  • ui, storage: database export, database wipe

2014-06-09 0.17.0

  • ui: color indicator for score/dismiss state
  • ui: improve document header layout
  • ux: improve hotkey assignments
    • right, left: navigate the tabs
    • shift+right, shift+left: navigate the drawings carousel
    • p: open the ops pdf
    • shift+e, shift+d: open espacenet re. depatisnet
    • alt+shift+e, alt+shift+d: open epo register re. dpma register
    • shift+c: open ccd viewer

2014-06-09 0.16.1

  • ui: fix “review” regression
  • ui: rename OPS => EPO, DEPATISnet => DPMA, adapt hotkeys
  • ui: improve rating:
    • get rid of “added, but not rated” state
    • get rid of “plus” button, just leave “trash” button for removing an item
  • ux: improve hotkey assignments
  • ui: improve document header layout
  • ui: improve rating widget layout

2014-06-09 0.16.0

  • ux: new quick- and vanity urls
    • /publicationdate/2013-03-03/2013-04-03
    • /publicationdate/2014W10
    • /today, /week, /month, /year
    • /country/us
    • /cpc/”H04B7-15542”
  • ux: link to espacenet worldwide (biblio data)
  • ui: add library “jQuery Raty”
  • ui: “dismissible” extension to “jQuery Raty”
  • ui: rating widget for BasketEntryModel
  • ui, storage: add title of selected document to BasketEntryModel

2014-06-08 0.15.0

  • ui: add “notify.js”
  • ui: improve basket, add BasketEntryModel
  • ui: fix fulltext display, raw content nodes might not be lists
  • ui: also record depatisnet queries, improved query recording in general
  • ui: don’t use depatisnet as default datasource
  • ui: fix highlighting edge case again
  • ux: add jquery.viewport
  • ux: hotkeys + and - for adding/removing the document in viewport to/from basket
  • ux: snapped scrolling with spacebar

2014-06-07 0.14.0

  • attempt to fix result list pdf export
  • ui: move project chooser above basket
  • ui: cql history chooser

2014-06-05 0.13.1

  • ui: improve layout of publication date and application date
  • ui: fix missing popover after switching inline detail view
  • ui: disable button which shows basket entry count

2014-06-04 0.13.0

  • ui: don’t display application number
  • ui: improve header title style
  • ui: improvements to basket status- and action buttons/displays
  • ui: fix: citation environment links didn’t propagate project context
  • ui: improve style of citation environment links
  • ui: improve style of priority display
  • ui: improve style of highlighting
  • ui: improve display of classifications
  • ui, middleware: display fulltext: description and claims
  • ui: proper highlighting for description and claims
  • ui: “Add all” action for adding the whole page of shown documents to the basket

2014-06-03 0.12.0

  • limit citatory query to 10 items due to ops restriction
  • ui: modify/extend citation link buttons
  • ui: “new project” action
  • ui: display number of entries in basket
  • ui: improve classification display: add ipc and cpc classes
  • ui: display priority claims
  • ui: display application number

2014-06-02 0.11.0

  • ui: propagate project context across inline query links
  • ui: share basket via email
  • ui: link to citatory documents

2014-05-26 0.10.4

  • ui, storage: fix nasty bug with basket.remove operation

2014-05-26 0.10.3

  • meta: add OpenSearch description
  • ui, storage: improved robustness, honor asynchronous callback flow
  • ui, storage: delete project
  • ui: reposition and redesign project chooser
  • ui: trigger project reload when window gets focus

2014-05-24 0.10.2

  • ui, storage: [fix] automatically update the “project.modified” attribute when manipulating the basket

2014-05-24 0.10.1

  • ui: make “modified” attribute humanly readable in project chooser widget
  • ui, storage: automatically update the “project.modified” attribute when manipulating the basket

2014-05-24 0.10.0

  • storage: update to recent localForage library
  • storage: add backbone-relational library
  • storage: introduce ProjectModel and ProjectCollection
  • storage: introduce BasketModel linked to ProjectModel
  • feature: record all queries made to the system
  • feature: make the basket persistent
  • ui: add date formatting library “moment.js” and helpers
  • ui: add “bootstrap-editable” widget
  • config change: cache searches for 6 hours
  • ui, storage - add ProjectChooserView and accompanying mechanics - properly string project-/basket-relationships and -behaviors together - patch localforge.backbone.js to make things actually work (weird thing)

2014-05-24 0.9.0

  • ui, middleware: propagate ops-specific fulltext fields to keyword highlighter
  • ui: link to DEPATISnet PDF
  • ui: prefer canonical epodoc values over original ones for parties (applicant, inventor) to increase search quality
  • ui: enhance keyword highlighting: per-phrase vs. per-word
  • ui: review action: just use single button above the query area
  • ui: move basket submit button to the right side
  • ui: show “current view count” and “real ops querystring” only in debug mode (by appending “&debug=true” to the url)
  • ui: attempt to fix IE SVG problem: img declaration may have lacked “height” attribute
  • ui: move “About CQL” away from main gui into help modal dialog (help prototype)
  • ui: use magnifier icon for query submit button
  • ui: stick query action buttons (transform, clear) to the right of the CQL field chooser
  • ui: remove “Your selection” label, replace by placeholder on basket textarea
  • ui: add placeholder to CQL field chooser
  • ui: add “bootbox” library
  • ui: add basket share button (dummy)

2014-05-21 0.8.1

  • link javascript resources

2014-05-20 0.8.0

  • ui: bind search to meta+return and ctrl+return keys
  • ui: use explicit clipboard/query transformation (remove on.paste handler, add button)
  • ui: use fixed name “ipsuite-pdf” for displaying the pdf
  • ui: pagination: refactor into component
  • ui: pagination: show only required paging entries, show nothing without results
  • ui, middleware: enhance DEPATISnet integration
    • parse hit count from scraped response
    • fix page offset calculation
    • show original- and ops-queries
    • fix pagination problems in general
    • show count of items received from ops
    • scrape results with sort order: publication date, descending
  • ui: properly propagate “datasource” query parameter, using sensible defaults, giving DEPATISnet priority
  • ui: dpma- and epo-logos for datasource selector buttons
  • ui: basket review: use the same mechanics as with DEPATISnet, i.e. splice list into bundles of 10 entries
  • middleware: cache search queries for two hours
  • ui: format total result count using jquery-autonumeric
  • ui: add some hotkeys:
    • ctrl+shift+o: switch to datasource=ops
    • ctrl+shift+d: switch to datasource=depatisnet
    • ctrl+shift+r: switch to review mode

2014-05-15 0.7.4

  • update jquery.hotkeys.js
  • ui: remove “beta” badge
  • ui: bind search to hyper+return and ctrl+return keys

2014-05-08 0.7.3

  • DEPATISnet integration: more fixes

2014-05-08 0.7.2

  • DEPATISnet integration: minor fixes

2014-05-08 0.7.1

  • ui, middleware: proper DEPATISnet integration
  • cache search queries for one hour

2014-05-07 0.7.0

  • search at DPMA DEPATISnet: prototype
  • ui: highlight “bi” search terms in abstract

2014-04-02 0.6.7

  • fix query parameter backwards compatibility: ship_url vs. ship-url

2014-03-22 0.6.6

  • fix switch to for /office urls

2014-03-22 0.6.5

  • ui: drawings-carousel: request image information asynchronously to make result list display snappy again
  • fix direct access url semantics in local development (hack)

2014-03-22 0.6.4

  • fix direct access url semantics

2014-03-22 0.6.3

  • ui: add “beta” badge to title
  • ui: drawings-carousel: always request image information to display fully qualified “Drawing #1/2”
  • ui: make widths of all widgets equal
  • switch to
  • better url semantics for direct access, e.g. /num/EP666666

2014-03-21 0.6.2

  • refactor application layout on code level
  • ui: refactor basket into solid marionette component
  • ui: add localForage library
  • ui: temporarily remove cql quick query builder helper actions
  • ui: make pagination links black, not blue
  • ui: fix link to CCD Viewer (upgrade from /CCD-2.0.0 to /CCD-2.0.4)
  • ui: print/pdf: honor current query and pagesize

2014-03-21 0.6.1

  • middleware: fix result pdf rendering by using http url instead of https

2014-03-16 0.6.0

  • api: refactor dpma register jump mechanics and url
  • ui: add link to CCD Viewer
  • ui: enhanced pagination widget: add pagesize chooser and mechanics
  • ui: separated metadata info widget from pagination widget
  • ui: external link to DEPATISnet (bibliographic data)
  • middleware: link to PDF to display inline, not as attachment
  • ui: attempt to fix internet explorer 10, which doesn’t scale the pdf icon properly
  • middleware: lots of documents lack drawings, e.g. german utility documents (DE..U1) => use “docdb” format for image inquiry
  • middleware: acquire first drawing from USPTO servers, if OPS lacks them
  • ui: print mode layout
  • middleware: export results as pdf using phantomjs

2014-03-16 0.5.1

  • dev/prod: try to exclude development javascript sources from source package

2014-02-23 0.5.0

  • ui: fix height-flickering of list entry when new drawing is lazy-loaded into carousel
  • middleware: activate caching of generated pdf documents
  • ui: make ship-mode=single-bibdata work again
  • ui: integrate 3rd-party tools via iframe (parameter “embed-item-url”)
  • ui: query builder I: quick access to popular fields
  • ui: better place for the activity spinner
  • api/cql: automatically apply number normalization to “num” fields, too
  • ui: query builder II: full cql field chooser
  • ui: perform query when hitting hotkey “meta+return” in query form field
  • ui: clipboard modifier intercepts when pasting text into empty query form field
  • dev/prod: uglify main javascript resources

2014-02-21 0.4.2

  • dev: fix .bumpversion.cfg

2014-02-21 0.4.1

  • ui: click on document-number in header to navigate to this document
  • ui: enhance pager, display active pagination entry, display current range
  • ui: open drill-down links in external window
  • ui: move arrow controls of carousel to bottom of image
  • ui: center “Drawing #1” label below image
  • ui: don’t show “Drawing #1” label when there’s no image
  • ui: drawing carousel: show total number of drawings in status line
  • dev: prepare automatic version bumping

2014-02-21 0.4.0

  • api: add a little cql smartness: wrap cql query string with
    quotes if query contains spaces and is still unquoted
  • api: enhance image information, publish via endpoint
  • ui: carousel for drawings
  • ui: display pager on top of and at bottom of resultlist
  • ui: don’t show pagers when there are no results yet
  • ui: link to family information (INPADOC, OPS)
  • ui: display cited references below abstract

2014-02-20 0.3.0

  • middleware: create full pdf documents from single pages via ops only
  • ui: offer full pdf document from multiple sources
  • ui/middleware: apply links to applicants, inventors, ipc classes and publication date

2014-02-19 0.2.2

  • middleware: add DPMAregister smart access subsystem
  • api: publish DPMAregister smart access subsystem, e.g. /jump/dpma/register?pn=DE19630877
  • ui: display link to uspto pair

2014-02-19 0.2.1

  • ui/api: evaluate and display upstream error responses
  • middleware: adjust image level while converting from tiff to png
  • ui: remove (54) entry prefix
  • ui: refactor header
  • middleware: also cache output of tiff-to-png conversion for drawings
  • ui: style header buttons inline with others (gray, not turquoise)
  • ui: gray background, refactor query area
  • ui: link to legal status information from various patent offices (European Patent Register, INPADOC legal status, DPMAregister)

2014-02-19 0.2.0

  • ui: show alternative text when no drawing image is available instead of broken image symbol
  • ui: download full pdf document from espacenet instead of having single-page images only
  • ui: resize first drawing image to 457px width to avoid resizing in browsers
  • ui/feature: “review” selected documents
  • api/ui: propagate “numberlist” query parameter value into basket
  • api/middleware: document-number normalization on patent-search endpoint for “pn=” attributes
  • middleware: resource caching
    • search: 5 minutes
    • static: 1 year

2014-02-16 0.1.1

  • pdf.svg problems: fix MANIFEST, fix

2014-02-16 0.1.0

  • api: introduce new image kind “FullDocumentDrawing” which will return an url to a high resolution image (“FullDocument”) of the first drawing page
  • ui: major overhaul, move on from table-based to container-based listview
  • ui: more appealing add-/remove-basket operation
  • ui: format dates in ISO format
  • ui: uppercase countrycodes
  • ui: popovers for action buttons
  • ui: add pdf icon
  • ui: show parties (applicants, inventors) “original” value only, hide “epodoc” value
  • ui: add page footer and product name
  • ui: add tooltips and popovers
  • ui: use english

2014-02-01 0.0.12

  • api endpoint for retrieving fullimage documents as pdf
  • ui: modal pdf viewer with paging

2014-01-14 0.0.11

  • api endpoint for retrieving family publications in xml

2013-11-26 0.0.10

  • add ops oauth client
  • inline display first drawing

2013-11-25 0.0.9

  • show result count in pagination area
  • application structure refactoring and streamlining
  • prepare inline display of first drawing

2013-11-12 0.0.8

  • ship-mode=single-bibdata: rename “submit” form button name to “ship_action”

2013-10-24 0.0.7

  • backpropagate current basket entries into checkbox state
  • display “inventor” attribute
  • add portfolio demo frameset
  • add ship-mode=single-bibdata
  • fix: be more graceful if applicants or inventors are missing from data
  • renamed ingress query parameters ship_* to ship-*
  • route refactoring
  • ui refactoring: more responsive through “twitter bootstrap responsive css”

2013-10-14 0.0.6

  • fix “abstract” parsing

2013-10-14 0.0.5

  • fix packaging and deployment issues

2013-10-14 0.0.4

  • upgrade to ‘js.marionette==1.1.0a2’

2013-10-14 0.0.3

  • moved js.marionette to github
  • enhanced deployment code “make install” reg. versioning
  • fix “abstract” parsing, e.g. @ WO2013148409A1
  • applicant=ibm => cannot use method “join” on undefined
  • neu: anmeldedatum
  • simple static paging from 1-200, 25 each
  • spinner icon for showing activity

2013-10-09 0.0.2

  • changed production.ini port to 9999
  • renamed js.underscore.string to js.underscore_string
  • Makefile and for common sysop tasks
  • renamed some ingress query parameters to “ship_*”
  • cleaned up url parameter propagation

2013-10-09 0.0.1

  • initial release

  • pyramid web application with cornice webservice addon

  • rest endpoint for querying EPO OPS REST service (ops-published-data-search)

  • top-notch frontend ui foundation based on jquery, bootstrap, backbone marionette, fontawesome

  • packaged some fanstatic javascript libraries:

    • js.marionette
    • js.underscore_string
    • js.jquery_shorten
    • js.purl
  • textarea for cql query input

  • shipping subsystem via basket textarea

  • use “query” url parameter

  • send “pragma: nocache” for static resources for now