This part of the documentation covers the configuration of PatZilla. The second step to using any software package is getting it properly configured. Please read this section carefully.

After successfully installing the software, you might want to follow up about Running it.

Application configuration file

Blueprints of configuration files for running PatZilla in development and production mode are shipped with the Python package.

In order to copy the production PatZilla configuration blueprint to the designated location, issue:

patzilla make-config production > /path/to/patzilla.ini


Please edit the patzilla.ini created above and have a look at the [app:main] section. The database configuration settings for connecting to a MongoDB daemon are:

# Database configuration
mongodb.patzilla.uri = mongodb://localhost:27017/patzilla

# Cache settings
cache.url = mongodb://localhost:27017/beaker.cache

Data sources

Configure the data source web services PatZilla should use for accessing patent information. Some primary data sources are obligatory, some are optional. You will definitively require an OPS 3.2 account, though.

Please refer to the documentation section Data sources for an overview about the data sources PatZilla can handle.

For datasource configuration, please edit the patzilla.ini created above and edit these sections according to your needs:

  • [ip_navigator]:

    # Which datasources are configured?
    datasources = ops, ificlaims, depatech
  • OPS API (Please go to Account registration first):

    # Application-wide authentication credentials
    api_consumer_key    = {ops_api_consumer_key}
    api_consumer_secret = {ops_api_consumer_secret}
  • CLAIMS® Direct API:

    # API connection settings
    api_uri      = {ificlaims_api_uri}
    api_username = {ificlaims_api_username}
    api_password = {ificlaims_api_password}
  • API:

    # API connection settings
    api_uri      = {depatech_api_uri}
    api_username = {depatech_api_username}
    api_password = {depatech_api_password}

User database

To provision user accounts, please refer to the User model.


When running PatZilla in development mode, you might want to skip this step.