User model

Add user

After PatZilla is installed, there is the patzilla-user command line program for adding users.

Configure path to application configuration:

export PATZILLA_CONFIG=/path/to/patzilla.ini

Simple add:

patzilla-user add --fullname "John Doe" --username "" --password "john123"

Add user, also enabling some modules:

patzilla-user add \
    --fullname "Max Mustermann" --username "" --password "max987" \
    --tags "demo" --modules "keywords-user, family-citations"

Add user with more details:

patzilla-user add \
    --fullname "Max Mustermann" --username "" --password "max987" \
    --tags "demo" --modules "keywords-user, family-citations" \
    --organization "Example Inc." --homepage "" --phone "+49-1234-1234567"


For possible values of --tags and --modules, please refer to the next section.

Import users

You can also import multiple users from a CSV file in batch mode:

patzilla-user import /path/to/accounts.csv

An example accounts.csv could look like:

"John Doe","","demo","trial, demo","keywords-user, family-citations","Example Inc.",""
"Max Mustermann","","demo",,,,


The current user model is a simple flat list of JSON documents stored in MongoDB, one for each user. It contains all information required to control the application behavior and additional fields used for information only:

  • Login credentials: username and password.

  • Tag information: tags is a list of arbitrary tag labels. Add the staff label for accessing resources which require administrator permissions.

  • Module activation: modules is a list of enabled modules. Choose one or more from:

    • keywords-user: Module to provide a custom list of keywords for highlighting.
    • family-citations: Module to explore the citation environment of family members.
    • analytics: Module to run analytic processes over search results.
    • ificlaims: Enable data source “IFI Claims”.
    • depatech: Enable data source “MTC”.
  • Datasource credentials: upstream_credentials is a dictionary containing authentication information for each data source provider:

    • ops: Credentials for accessing Open Patent Services from EPO
    • ificlaims: Credentials for accessing the IFI Claims API
    • depatech: Credentials for accessing the API from MTC


This is an example document for a regular user. All credentials are randomly generated for demonstration purposes.

    _id: ObjectId("53c3527ba42dde3f51ad84c2"),
    userid: "30cba474-3ff4-499d-a152-1865b3d69988",
    username: "",
    password: "$p5k2$1f4$h/9ChodR$BeshyidM.evabNaibeamyoogUkKept42",
    fullname: "John Doe",
    created: ISODate("2016-09-08T11:58:19.397Z"),
    modified: ISODate("2016-09-08T11:58:19.397Z"),
    tags: [
    modules: [
    upstream_credentials: {
        ops: {
            consumer_key: "ScirfedyifJiashwOckNoupNecpainLo",
            consumer_secret: "degTefyekDevgew1"
        ificlaims: {
            username: "john.doe",
            password: "Tichbeed"
        depatech: {
            username: "john.doe",
            password: "ogdotdut"