Setup CLAIMS® Direct


PatZilla uses the CLAIMS® Direct data source by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services to provide professional access to patent information and worldwide fulltext search.

For general information about the CLAIMS® Direct database, please refer to About CLAIMS® Direct.

Account registration

In order to use the CLAIMS® Direct database, you have to get in contact with IFI. They offer a 30-day free trial for you to preview the database that comes with an onboarding and written trial guide.

Please follow up at:

System-wide configuration

For configuring PatZilla with system-wide CLAIMS® Direct authentication credentials, please configure the “api_uri”, “api_username” and “api_password” settings in the PatZilla configuration file.

You will find the right place at section [datasource:ificlaims]:


# API connection settings
api_uri      = {ificlaims_api_uri}
api_username = {ificlaims_api_username}
api_password = {ificlaims_api_password}

Per-user configuration

PatZilla can use per-user credentials for authenticating against the CLAIMS® Direct API. An example schema for the User model looks like this:

upstream_credentials: {
    ificlaims: {
        username: "john.doe",
        password: "Tichbeed"