About CLAIMS® Direct

PatZilla uses the CLAIMS® Direct data source by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services to provide professional access to patent information and worldwide fulltext search.


CLAIMS® Direct offers more than 70 sources of patent data in one integrated format. Companies and researchers around the world trust CLAIMS® Direct to be the back-end engine behind their software and analytic tools.

IFI offers a number of different licensing, data coverage and deployment options. For more detailed information, please refer to their FAQ page.


The CLAIMS® Direct database collection includes data from 90+ countries and is always expanding. It is continually updated to bring you the most current information. On average, 200,000 new records and 8-10 million records updates are added every month.

It contains searchable full texts for publications from 22 patent offices worldwide (AT, BE, BR, CA, CH, CN, DE, DK, EP, ES, FI, FR, GB, IN, JP, KR, LU, NL, RU, TW, US, WO). This data gets accompanied by bibliographic data and abstracts from the DOCDB database as well as legal information from 60 patent offices from the INPADOC database.

All of the data in CLAIMS® Direct is obtained from publicly available record sources, such as government patent offices. For more information, visit their data collection page.


Please follow up at Setup CLAIMS® Direct about how to use CLAIMS® Direct with PatZilla.