Setup api


PatZilla uses the api data source to provide professional access to patent information and fulltext search across DE, EP, WO, US, JP and KR.

For general information about the api, please refer to About

Account registration

To get access to their public APIs, the customer must have an account for their depatech-proxy (basic authentication). They will provide you such an account by sending an email to or by visiting the api page.

System-wide configuration

For configuring PatZilla with system-wide api authentication credentials, please configure the “api_uri”, “api_username” and “api_password” settings in the PatZilla configuration file.

You will find the right place at section [datasource:depatech]:


# API connection settings
api_uri      = {depatech_api_uri}
api_username = {depatech_api_username}
api_password = {depatech_api_password}

Per-user configuration

PatZilla can use per-user credentials for authenticating against the api. An example schema for the User model looks like this:

upstream_credentials: {
    depatech: {
        username: "john.doe",
        password: "ogdotdut"