Sandbox setup

From sources

If you plan on contributing, this is the way to go!

This will install every necessary packages to run a sandbox instance, run the tests, build the documentation, build the packages, etc.

Satisfy prerequisites

Setting up PatZilla from source has the same requirements as with the basic setup, so please follow Minimum prerequisites for satisfying these.

Additionally, PatZilla requires the Yarn package manager for setting up the environment used for bundling the Javascript packages. Please read how to Setup Yarn.

Get the Source

Using git

Get the source code:

git clone
cd patzilla

Using download

You can also install PatZilla from source. The latest release (0.169.3) is available from GitHub.

Once you have a copy of the source, you can embed it in your Python package, or install it into your site-packages easily:

$ python install


Please note that both variants do not contain the bundled Javascript packages, so the user interface will not work out of the box before running webpack on it. See also Javascript foundation for building the Javascript bundles.


Python sandbox

Create a virtual environment holding the sandbox installation:

apt install python-virtualenv
virtualenv --python=python2 --no-site-packages .venv2
source .venv2/bin/activate

Install/upgrade some prerequisites:

pip install --upgrade pip

Fetch module dependencies and install application:

pip install -e .

Javascript foundation

Fetch all module dependencies:

yarn install

Bundle application and all required assets:

yarn build

Rebundle on file change:

yarn watch


Use a configuration template:

cp patzilla/config/development.ini.tpl patzilla/config/development-local.ini

Then, edit patzilla/config/development-local.ini according to your needs.

Run instance

Application container

Start database:

make mongodb-start

Start web server:

source .venv2/bin/activate
pserve patzilla/config/development-local.ini --reload

Then, open http://localhost:6543/navigator/


make nginx-start

Go to http://localhost:6544

Run tests


make setup-test

Run all tests:

make test

Run selected test suite:

make test options='--where patzilla.access.ificlaims'
make test options='--where patzilla.access.depatech'
make test options='--where patzilla.util.numbers.test.test_normalize'


Missing gmp on macOS

When encountering error like:

src/_fastmath.c:36:11: fatal error: 'gmp.h' file not found

make sure you have gmp installed:

brew install gmp

and that it’s available to your environment:

export LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/opt/gmp/lib
export CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/opt/gmp/include